Monday, April 17, 2006

Memo to PM: Action speaks louder than Words

Artful Dodger, Tony Blair, would like us to believe that he does not support the neocon madmen's intention to attack, let alone nuke, Iran. An article in The Scotsman claims government sources saying that Blair has informed Bush that Britain "cannot offer military support to any strike on Iran, regardless of whether the move wins the backing of the international community."

"We will support the diplomatic moves, at best," a Foreign Office source told Scotland on Sunday. "But we cannot commit our own resources to a military strike." The article does confirm, however, that "Blair is expected to support the call for a 'Chapter 7' resolution, which could effectively isolate Iran from the international community.

So, once the Deceiver's words are decoded, what does it all mean? For starters, if anyone should mistake the Bliar's sleight-of-hand tactics as a commitment to keep Britain out of a war with Iran then they'll be disappointed.

He knows he cannot brazenly declare open support for his ideological bosom-buddies in Washington's War Party. With local elections coming up in May, any indication to the domestic electorate that he remains a fanatic supporter of the Straussian vision of military globalisation would sound the death knell for him and his party. Now is certainly not a good time to talk tough and risk scaring off the voters.

Suddenly we see a sensible Blair supported by a veritable man of reason and diplomacy in his Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, who dismisses a military attack on Iran as "completely nuts." Significantly, there has been no leaked letter addressed by Blair & Co to George and Dick pointing this out.

And, of course, it would be diplomatically impolite to make any comment about the internal disarray currently affecting a White House where the generals are revolting! None of this looks good for George and Dick and, through his past association with fascists on both sides of the Atlantic for our own Great Deceiver. The message that his days, too, are numbered must be finally getting to him. And that spectre of Nuremburg which keeps haunting his fitful slumber keeps returning in a form that is ever more real.

No, the public must be shown a reformed Blair, one who chooses diplomacy over Shock and Awe. It's bad enough to have the killing fields of Irak splash their indelible bloody mark on one's political tombstone. Tony certainly doesn't want to go down in history as the horrid little quisling who openly condoned the killing of millions of innocent Iranians in a savage nuclear attack by the world's number one bullyboy.

But, alas, poor Tony actions speak louder than spin and your track-record in playing along with Washington's deceit over Iran has already stamped your forehead with another indelible curse: that of complicity and of using Britain's diplomats in the service of another power whose purpose, all along, has been one of naked, belligerent imperialism. It's the Oil, Stupid, as if the rest of us didn't know.

Decoding the Deceiver's words, what we read is something like this: "No, I don't need to commit UK troops to an air-strike on Iran because that's as bad as it might get and the US is perfectly capable of such an attack with a little surreptitious help by the UK allowing it to use its air-bases, AWAC facilities and SAS services. Nobody's going to spot that, least of all those stupid MPs."

"I've already done enough damage by manipulating the IAEA into reporting Iran to the UNSC for faked violations. Now, Iran has been nicely demonized. So my last contract killing is to persuade everyone to call a Chapter 7 Resolution because, shh, that will not only bring about Iran's final isolation but will enable us to starve and kill off its population through sanctions and, when deemed necessary, legitimise a full-scale military attack. Iran will be ours."

If you were really serious, Mr Bliar, why didn't you dissociate Britain from Washington's warmongers when all this Iran nonsense first started? Why didn't you back that up by denying the US juggernaut use of British bases and facilities? And why did your Military play Iran wargames two years ago in preparation for the inevitable?

You might think we're all fools, Tony, for not seeing through your bluff. But we have and so has Iran. That is why, no matter what you say now, Iran's suicide-bombers, we are told, are preparing to target Britain. If, and God forbid that it should ever come to more innocent lives being taken in revenge, then the final responsibility must lie, not with Britain's Muslims or Islam, but with the venal traitor who, twice, dragged his country into an unnecessary hell.

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