Monday, January 16, 2006


The ratcheting-up process to prepare the public in the West for a first-strike attack on Iran appears now to be reaching a critical moment. Whilst, on the one hand, the New World Order gets ready to pass a new milestone to war by applying to the United Nations for economic sanctions (as it did to weaken Irak before the 2003 invasion), the UK's late-night ITN News (16 January) is to host a feature on the likelihood of an Israeli lightning attack against Iran's nuclear reactors. Make no mistake, we are being prepared.

As an old-time Western Dissident, the constant outpouring of lies and blatant propaganda of the western media comes as no surprise. I guess I took the Red Pill nearly forty years ago. But to watch the cold-blooded way in which the Media operates, preparing the masses through its premeditated deceit for yet another killing field is something indescribably sickening.

And that is what it is presently doing with Iran.

There is a blueprint for all this: it's called the Project for a New American Century, written by cold-blooded white men for a scale of planetary genocide which makes Wounded Knee look like a picnic and even Hitler's Third Reich seem fumblingly amateurish.

These are the resource wars that, over thirty years ago, some ecologists warned us would come. The resource in question is Oil and the West's determination that it should continue to monopolize its sources to the very last. Cut out all the bullshit propaganda. The West's interests in Iraq and Iran are purely that of a geopolitical chess-game in which death and suffering happens to be the eternal price that the serfs must pay to keep the robber barons in the style to which they are accustomed.

But the serfs are fast waking up, seeing that the so-called War on Terrorism is actually a War against them. All the legislation being pushed through western parliaments, supposedly to protect them from terrorism, is soon discovered to be nothing more than the New World Order's desperate attempt to round up the serfs and contain them in police states.

Curious how we find ourselves playing out the judeo-christian myth of Armageddon, isn't it? Well not if you've read Jung and have a smattering of an understanding of the significance that Myth plays in the collective unconscious, how things unravel themselves into the conscious world when we aren't looking.

Living in a world where the predominant archetypes are of a judeo-christian nature, it surprises me not at all that we should find ourselves in what appears to be the endgame of Armageddon. Except that, in the real world, Armageddon is not being played out by Man but by Nature, Gaia herself. And compared to the machinations of the New World Order the Armageddon that is already all around us is the one so effetely described by the War Party's media as the "Climate Changes."

What we see all about us is the corporate capitalism of a 'New World Order' spiralling increasingly out-of-control mimicking a planetary biosystem also, apparently increasingly in chaos.

That's the reality, forget the endless torrent of words for which the talking heads are paid to spew out. It is in the enactment of nothing less than a tremendous planetary paradigm shift that we find ourselves now.

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