Thursday, January 26, 2006


Last December, a small but effectively organized group of individuals (Campaign Iran) succeeded in passing unanimously a resolution to commit the UK anti-war movement to campaign actively against the danger of any military intervention against Syria or Iran.

The venue was the International Peace Conference, organized by the UK Stop the War Coalition.

So what has happened since then?

Precisely nothing it would appear, give or take a few extremely minimal gestures in a pamphlet featured at the head of the STW's national website. As usual, the UK Anti-War movement is leading from behind.

Unaware of the significance of the Bush/Cheney/Blair troika's doctrine of "permanent war", unconvinced that what we are now facing is nothing less than a Hitlerite rolling agression which even the US Department of Defense predicts will blight the Planet over the next 20 years, they remain stubbornly in denial of the nightmare realities we are now facing.

If the prevailing ethic of our US anti-war colleagues is coloured by the traditional 'Can Do' attitude associated with North America, then what we are currently facing in the UK is its opposite 'Cannot Do' with everyone expecting someone else to do the hard work.

Are we to watch radioactive mushroom clouds billow over Iran before anyone lifts a voice in protest?

There ARE folk who are extremely concerned but feeling quite disempowered. It looks like we're going to have to build something up from the grass-roots. Well, sobeit. That's what happened 25 years ago so maybe again.

Whatever happens in March and, failing our ability to stop it, may it take an 'Act of God' to prevent the proposed attack. Will the US generals have enough courage or ability to prevent mad dog Cheney from pushing the button? Would that the US Congress use its emergency powers to prevent their usurper, rogue 'President' from abusing his?

However, there IS something you can do, dear reader, and that is to alert your own communities and your politicians to what a US/Israeli attack on Iran really means. Read my column below for details on what YOU can do, wherever you are.

Good Luck and All Power to You!

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