Monday, January 23, 2006

For UK, US and Australian Readers

There's a VERY EASY and FREE way to fax and email your parliamentary representatives.

Prepare a draft letter and fax/email it to them using the services provided at and

You will find a comprehensive list of all MPs, MEPs etc at WriteToThem once you tap in yr postcode. I have done this already and posted the text below to 18 MPs, including MSPs and constituency MEPs. You can do the same ensuring their fax machines and email inboxes get flooded with letters of concern. Use the text below if you like, modifying it as you wish.

Finally, please circulate this information far and wide.


Similar facilities must exist for other countries. With your help, I will publish these hyperlinks as and when I discover them.

USA: Please use the CONTACTING THE CONGRESS Online Directory at



Dear MP,

As one of your constituents, may I draw your attention to the intention of the US military to use so-called 'tactical mini-nukes' and nuclear 'city-busters' in a pre-emptive (first strike) attack on Iran?

The evidence is clear enough : a statement from Strategic Command has effectively confirmed ex-CIA agent Philip Giraldi’s claim in The American Conservative( 1st August 2005) that Cheney had requested that STRATCOM prepare for nuclear strikes against Iran (See Nuclear War against Iran- Michel Chossudovsky, 3rd January at

A nuclear attack on Iran would be a crime of inconceivable proportions with totally unpredictable outcomes. It would be opposed by Russia, as well as China, contrary to mendacious press reports from those who have an obvious motive in convincing us otherwise.

Are MPs in (Westminster etc) aware of this danger? Probably no more than the public at large where the level of awareness at present is alarmingly low.

I would therefore be grateful if you and (your party) can do everything possible in the next few weeks to come to alert the people of the UK to this danger. If such an attack were to be carried-out, HMG must have no involvement in it whatsoever.

Further to that can you please ensure that your party confronts Mr Blair with this danger and challenges him and his government to have nothing to do with any US attack, apropos of which the US should not be permitted to use British bases in any way.

As the likely time of such an attack is next March there is little time left to act.

Yours sincerely,


PS For further information on the proposed military attack on Iran, refer to the Medialens archive,

'Bush/Cheney, US War Doctrine & Plans to Nuke Iran'


Planned US-Israeli Attack on Iran
by Michel Chossudovsky

Nuclear War against Iran
by Michel Chossudovsky

Chimes of Freedom blog,

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