Friday, January 06, 2006


"The key similarities of all these issues facing all of these countries (and many more of course from the Western world, is a crumbling of human rights in the face of stronger and stronger central governments. We are living under the illusion of 2 party states (thinking, perhaps, that is bad enough), but in reality we are living under one party states, largely autocratic. Whatever illusion exists of that second party in each country (at present the democrats in the U.S., the Conservatives in the U.K. and Labour in Australia), we must be prepared to accept they don't exist. Examine the politics, the influences, the opinions and policies of the opposition parties and you will see the illusion. We must continue to believe that there is a choice; once we become aware that there is not we will have to face the fact that the democracy and freedom the West promises to bring the rest - on the wings of bombs and bullets - is an illusion, and that what we really bring is that which we are facing - cruel dictatorships - differing only from the more conventional dictatorships in that ours keep us in a state of submission and reign terror on foreign nations, and theirs show truthfully what they are.

Again, it is time the West looked to South America - Chavez and Venezuela, the people of Venezuela, for some real advice on how a democracy is run. One particularly useful tip is this; it is run by the people, for the people."


Isn't it amazing what, on the face of it, a few individuals like Bush, Blair and Howard can do to drag us all back into the dark ages?

Yet, without the complicity of the media, the Kerry Packers and Rupert Murdochs none of it could happen. They dare to distract from reality by calling us conspiracy theorists when the biggest conspiracy against humanity & the planet is theirs and theirs alone!

While the darkness spreads from Mordor we all seem to be like little hobbits, so immersed in the business of daily life that we are unable to look up at the darkening clouds. I don't know what it will take to break this collective spell but break it we must.

If bloggers could so effectively have helped Craig Murray in putting out some of the truth to the world then there must surely be more that we can do collectively?

After the fall of the Soviet Union and the vanishing into thin air of the West's ideological bogeyman I had thought the time had finally come for the West to face its own tyrants. That, of course, was before we were all doped-up on the smoke 'n' mirrors of "Terrorism".

Truly, a war of words and minds and collectively we're still unbeatable ...

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  1. Thanks, Niks. The momentum, of course, is determined by us all. Since beginning this blog last July I haven't devoted much time to it, most of my activity taking place at GAIALINK and MEDIALENS (both accessible as Links here).

    I would encourage my readers here to visit both those sites to get a clearer idea of where I'm coming from.

    Henk Ruyssenaars of the FOREIGN PRESS FOUNDATION is listed there as well for a No-Bullshit interpretation of the daily news.

    More links will soon be added.