Thursday, January 13, 2011

Imperialism & the Crisis of Capitalism

Veteran left-winger, Tariq Ali, links the global struggle against the Evil Empire to the unrest and rebellion now beginning to manifest in Britain as a result of the austerity measures taken by the Coalition's ruling elite in response to the self-induced crisis brought about by the greed and fraud of the banksters.

"Austerity measures are creating a new mood all over Europe, not just in this country with the student rebellion. All over Europe there is a new mood, people wanting answers, people knowing instinctively that there is an alternative, as of course there is an alternative, and the alternative is to challenge the domination of this form of capitalism ... We have to carry on, young and old together, fighting against a system that tries to stop us and that tries to punish us for all its own mistakes."

And on the nature of the struggle Tariq observes, "There has to be a constant fight back. This is nothing new, it's a continuum. And it will carry on being a continuum as long as successive British governments, Labour, Tory or Coalition are linked into the American war-machine. This is a tiny north-European country. It should not have such a large military force, it should not be attached to the American Empire, but it is ... we have to understand the reasons ... the British economy is highly dependent on global capitalism. What happens to that capitalism affects how Britain is governed, affects how capitalism rules in this country and the alternative to the imperialist system requires an alternative form of rule in this country which says very clearly and firmly that the market and profit are not the priorities of any progressive state. Once you've said that then you can move progressively forward."

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