Thursday, January 13, 2011

Biden: "We are not leaving in 2014"

Recent utterances by US Vice-President, Joe Biden, confirm that US occupation forces in Afghanistan have no intention of leaving in three years' time.

The release of large amounts of classified documents has shown how eager the administration is to tell the American public the exact opposite of what they are telling one another. It seems that the classification system isn’t even necessary for this, however, as Vice President Biden, fresh off of pledging to the American people that the US would be totally out of Afghanistan come hell or high water, by 2014has now told a completely different story to Afghan officials.

Biden was in Kabul last Tuesday when he promised Karzai a lasting American commitment to the country well beyond 2014, when NATO forces are scheduled to turn over security of the nation to Afghan forces.

So despite any pretence to their public by US or UK politicians it looks like the Evil Empire sees its current occupation of Afghanistan (as well as Iraq) as part of its long-term geopolitical strategy of global 'full spectrum dominance'.

We have already seen how NATO, the cat's-paw of US neo-colonialist foreign policy, was pulled into helping police a military occupation thousands of miles away from the north Atlantic, causing that organization to morph into a global military force as NATO International. Some of us remember the empty promise made by NATO, during the days of the Cold War, that when the Warsaw Pact dissolved itself so would NATO. Far from dissolving itself NATO has grown into a global military force.

Currently there are some 150,000 NATO troops, predominantly from the United States, and NATO estimates that there are 25,000 Taliban forces in the country, which is the exact same estimate they made a year ago. Despite claims of “progress” in the war, violence is still on the rise across the nation.

And while Asia is still the primary focus of attention the US is increasingly looking to Africa as the next big source of energy supplies necessary for its interests. More of that anon...


  1. Another totally missed news account from across the Atlantic, good work, Mr. Winter! Here in the U.S. no coverage worth mentioning of this "Democratic" utterance from Biden. As a matter of fact, much was made of the statements from newbie congressional members, who advocated stating that the Afghanistan bases should be declared "permanent."

    This and the recent retreat of many press freedom news groups in America from supporting Wikileaks are the news items that people are missing over here.

    Thank you.

  2. Thanks Mike :) Ironically, the sources I quote are and the NY Times, both US sources. But easily missed in the constant barrage of ideological bilge you are, no doubt, subject to as we are over here.

    Only too often you have to go elsewhere to get the real news of what's going on in your country. I watch Russia Today regularly to pick up important bits of news that our state propaganda conduit, the BBC, omits.