Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Evil Empire, Drugs and Racism

The Anglo-American Empire's 'War on Drugs' is as credible as its 'War on Terror'. Both are a fake of the kind George Orwell warned us about. Once the pretend 'Red Menace' vanished into thin air with the demise of the Soviet Union, the Anglo-American axis was left with no bogeyman with which to frighten and bully its populations into doing as they were told, never mind a huge loss of their civil liberties on both sides of the Atlantic.

The carefully-fabricated 911 was the moment when that spurious 'War on Terror' was launched, the moment when both Bush II and his English sidekick, Tony Blair, steered their ships-of-state into the depths of totalitarianism, war criminality and government-sponsored evil. Just as the 'War on Terror' permitted the Anglo-American axis to perpetrate evil in the form of genocide, the 'War on Drugs' permits its secret services to profit hugely from the black market on drugs. Now we hear that "85% of all drugs produced in Afghanistan are shipped out by US aircraft." Why doesn't this surprise us?

After what the Axis has been responsible for in its respective pasts (including the British-sponsored opium trade in the nineteenth century) it should not surprise us that the behaviour of our rulers has really not changed. All that has changed is the spin and packaging required to convince us proles that we really do live in democracies where governments operate in our interests rather than their own.

The 'War on Terror' was quite cleverly devised, where the enemy was identified as both non-white and an historic enemy of the Christian west, Islam. So not only could the proles identify an historic non-white enemy but exercise a deep-seated racism that anyone who is not white is, by definition, not only inferior but shifty and dangerous. The whole thing was devised on shock and awe with the collapse of the Twin Towers and the emotional hype of Islamic 'terrorism' that followed and which continues to this day.

This writer has consistently argued that the much-vaunted 'special relationship' between Britain and the US is only a special relationship insofar as the interests of Anglo-American capital are concerned and where British governments continue to hang onto Uncle Sam's coat-tails for the military power it allows them to associate with.

Without it, Britain would stand exposed as a post-imperial nation, disunited and in demise. And the price required of us all by our ruling elite to continue the pretence is paid daily in the blood of our young men and women who are sent out to die fighting the Axis' military adventures and others who pay the price in becoming victims of the Empire's drugs black-market.


  1. Talk of corporate news or corporate lies as it should be better known as I have just been reading national Geographic and it seems to follow the same guidelines for refraining from publishing the truth. These whoring scabengos are in every board room it seems.


  2. 'Whoring scabengos' is too kind a descriptions for these sleazebags. Yes, every board room is full of them and what we are sold as 'Democracy' is really little more than 21st Century Corporate fascism masquerading as something it isn't & never can be. For example, though over 70% of the people of Britain oppose our troops being sent to Afghanistan, successive governments meekly do as they are told by their US bosses. If ever a corrupt system was ripe for revolution than the Anglo-American empire is but that must wait until the proles wake up from their Blue Pill sleep-walking ...

  3. guess I probably don't need to mention this, but I'd missed it (not being a goggle-box watcher) and maybe others did too. It's Pilger's mainly excellent film about the complicit mainstream media - "The War you Don't See" - at
    Unfortunately, Pilger is still in denial about the biggest lie of all - the one which launched the never-to-end phoney 'war on terror'.

  4. Like many others, I suspect Pilger is too afraid of being labelled a conspiracy nut and risking his position in the permitted opposition. Pilger will wait until the evidence becomes so overwhelming that he will be forced to come out of hiding. Sad...