Saturday, February 14, 2009

Palestine Solidarity Convoy Harassed by UK Police

A Viva Palestina Solidarity Convoy on its way to Gaza has been stopped by police in Preston, Lancashire. Nine people were arrested although six of those have now been reported to be released. Several houses in Burnley, Lancashire have been searched.

It is significant that British TV has reported this police action by either down-playing or omitting mention of the fact that a humanitarian, solidarity convoy had been stopped. Instead the incident has been reported as just another police action against terrorists.

On the face of it this latest incident looks to be nothing more than yet another case of police harassment against British Muslims. In 2008 UK police used Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 to stop and search 360,000 people. Not one of these was found to possess terrorist material or to be linked to terrorism. Yet the harassment continues along with the full complicity of a media which downplays political and humanitarian solidarity and re-presents it to look like anti-terrorist action.

This latest totalitarian outrage by the UK police follows hard on the heels of the BBC's refusal to broadcast a humanitarian appeal on behalf of the people of Gaza.

George Galloway MP speaks on behalf of Gaza Convoy

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