Thursday, January 01, 2009

Protesters glued inside BBC Wales HQ

While, predictably, the BBC report only government-approved propaganda about the Israeli massacre in Gaza protesters in Wales carried out a demonstration which included the gluing of themselves to the glass security doors of the BBC in Cardiff.

Undercurrents Alternative News reports: "I filmed a dramatic direct action protest today in Cardiff. Just after 2pm, three protesters walked into the lobby of the BBC Wales headquarters and two super-glued themselves to glass security doors.

While one activist handed out leaflets, frustrated reporters were prevented from leaving or entering the main BBC News building.

Draped in a Palestinian flag, campaigner Bob Cotterell said, ‘We have super-glued our skin to the main doors of the BBC in protest at the irresponsible reporting of the Middle East issue by the public broadcaster.

He continued to say, ‘The Middle East is a sticky situation but if the public has any hope of understanding both sides, then we need the BBC to give the full, rather than partial, facts.

The protesters are upset that the reporting of the Israeli F-16 aerial bombings does not put them in any real context.

Fellow activist D Murphy said, while glued to the gate, 'While we hear about rockets being fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel, we rarely hear that this is Palestinian land stolen by Israel. '

She continued, 'Since Saturday, Israel has killed more than 350 civilians in response to the repeatedly reported 4 deaths amongst the Israelis. The hugely disproportionate response by the Israel is not highlighted.'

Four Police cars arrived at the scene with sirens and lights flashing. All journalists were ejected from the BBC building and the main entrance was blocked off with metal barriers.The protesters complained that the BBC has chosen to name Hamas as a ‘Militant Organisation’ rather [than] its rightful term of ‘Government’, omitting that in January 2006, with a huge majority, Hamas was democratically elected to govern the people of Palestine.

Wrapped in a Palestinian flag, she added: ‘We do not hear that Israel has violated more United Nations resolutions than any other country, and today it is collectively punishing the ordinary people of Gaza breaking Article 33 of the 4th Geneva Convention.’

They have asked people to fax, phone or e-mail the BBC and urge them to review their reporting of the Middle East and 'not make the situation even worse'.

The activists continued to say, ‘We are calling upon the BBC management to revise every news report before broadcast to ensure that the language used to report the attacks is responsible and fair. We ask that wider context is given for viewers to understand the issues on a deeper level.’

The 'Glue Two' are a part of the group who previously locked themselves inside Cardiff Castle to highlight the 50th anniversary of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine."

BBC also reported
the story: Meanwhile, in the protest at BBC Wales, a man and woman glued themselves to barriers, temporarily closing access via the main reception area.

They said they were unhappy with coverage of the conflict and asked the BBC to refer to Hamas as a government which has been democratically elected.

A BBC spokesman said: "We're satisfied that the BBC's coverage of the events in Israel and the Palestinian Authority has been balanced, fair, accurate and up to the usual BBC standards of impartiality.

"In our reports, we have tried to explain how the current situation started and has since developed, and given air-time to representatives from across the political spectrum."

Complaints to the BBC should be made to and Helen Boaden, Director of BBC news,

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