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Anger Management
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I meet many people with internalized anger- more commonly diagnosed as depression. Anger is a natural emotion that should be given a channel for expression rather than being suppressed. The protesters outside the Israeli Embassy are quite justified in their outrage at the dreadful attacks- as are the Palestinians. The rest of us remain depressed.

Israel and the US are quite happy to violate international law, thus making a mockery of the whole concept of rules we should all live by. Perhaps rules aren’t so great- if so, anarchy reigns over us all right now. We’re not doing much about it- most don’t even care. Most are doomed.

Where is our government though? Have they lost sight of people entirely? I would suggest that the Israeli propaganda that the BBC parrots is as a result of our own Government policy and is not the ‘fault’ of Israel per se. We are talking about British government policy. Do the Israelis REALLY control UK media? It more shows how our Government bends over and takes it from aggressive Israelis due to our ‘special’ relationship with America. BBC output is editorialized after all- you only have to look who it’s done by. The people you voted for who don’t care about you are firmly in Auntie’s chair.

At times like these you need a Government that can take a stand. This shower let themselves be held to ransom by banks and lobbyists, now punched around the policy ring by Israel. With Tony Blair as a special envoy to the Middle East, what hope is there for peace? ‘Labour Friends of Israel’- It’s a dreadful indictment. The Queen should immediately move to dissolve a Parliament that is doing far more harm than good.

Bring home the war criminal Blair. Have him stand trial for his crimes: Iraq and Afghanistan- now Palestine and Israel. Let’s use what’s left of our freedoms to bring home the man that took them from us. Have him locked away for a very long time as a signal to him and his ilk.

Meanwhile, as our currency slips down the pan alongside the soft, strong and very long US dollar, do the ties that bind us to Europe break or grow ever tighter? Will England really become thousands of miles closer to the US and away from France and Germany as a result? Such is American influence on our lives that we almost believe our country might one day actually uproot and end up somewhere near New York. What a bondage it is, knowing only English!

Why does England worry about US oil when it should be worrying about Russian gas? What is stopping the UK from adopting the best practices of Europe right now? We need to escape and change our relationship with an America that has become thoroughly infected, filthy and vulgar, behind it’s Hollywood mask. Just being able to speak the same language is nowhere near enough reason to make our relationship ‘special’. Such a relationship hardly needs to be maintained. Who defines the English language anyway? We do.

We should speak the English of Europe much more than the English of America- at the very least (we’re so ignorant of language). I suppose this does mean engaging with that awkward Sarkozy bloke rather than with a peon from the United States, but I find the European attitude towards human rights, amongst other things, to be far more in keeping with the British psyche than that of the warmongering States these days.

Not that one should underestimate the power of the US and it’s disgusting little allies, but one should also not underestimate the relative power of a united Europe against a declining America. All it takes is for the UK to leap the channel into Europe and it might make enough of a difference. I often wonder what the effect of a united Europe would be against a United States in the Middle East?- Not much hope? OK, and how about backed by Russia? Yes, that bunch- remember the ones that took OUR side and stood against Nazi aggression not so long ago- (perhaps for all the wrong reasons but even the fine, upstanding UK and Great Winston Churchill have had their ulterior motives in the past. Also, nobody disagrees that it was a good idea to get rid of Hitler and the Nazi regime)

Let’s cut the bullshit. Lobby Westminster? Lobby Parliament? Lobby the Beeb? Lobby Israel? Are you mad? To what effect on those secured establishment policy positions? Let the record show that this kind of protest is exactly what they expect, channel and suppress. Time to think out of the box! Or even better, get out completely and leave it alone. Go and find something more worthwhile to focus your attention on.

If the Queen will not dissolve parliament and bring these thieves to justice, then let us sell the notes bearing her name and the evaporating promises of the Chancellor- head of Her Majesty’s faltering Treasury. Money is no longer backed by gold, but by the faith of the people. SELL, SELL, SELL!

Use what little trading structure and power we have left to just sell British currency contracts in exchange for European ones- actually- ANY ones other than those awful American things- buy gold and silver- just get out of Sterling and right now (but be careful of the Rothschilds). Get the British middle classes out of America and into Europe for their own safety- this is where the banks should have been on the ball. Another reason would be that the UK appears to be following the Icelandic model. After all, if it were not so similar in structure, would UK business have thought twice about investing? “WE all go down together!”- I don’t think so. Buy some Euros, get paid in Euros- steer clear of the Queen for a while.

In fact, just get out of the mindset of ‘good old London USA’. Get as far away as you can- even if it’s only in the same way that you were so nearly in America. Switch to European and British films/tv- or stop watching it altogether. Do not go and watch anything made in Hollywood. Learn to love those Bollywood classics, French actresses, German analysts, Ingmar Bergman, and eat more curry. You might not have to give up Saturday football for long if you’re lucky and act now by sending the dish back to Murdoch before he doubles the rent. The internet is a massive resource of all things non English too. Learn a new language, take a trip to France, Spain, Germany- move there. Live there for a while. They all speak English anyway. Give it a go. The only way this charade will carry on is if we continue to buy it all up with our spare cash. The poor support the rich. Time to concentrate on the chips, rather than the newspaper.

I mentioned internalized anger at the start of this. On a truly ‘British’ level- as citizens, rejecting America in solidarity with Europe means ‘no more anger for now and a chance for the future.’

It was all a big con. We’ve angrily known this for a long time- deep down where it hurts: America may have been pretending to be stupid, but Europe sure wasn’t. What were we in the UK pretending to be? A poodle? Even THAT’s bloody French!

And you become what you pretend to be: German Engineer in New Zealand, French railway driver, Swedish fish smoker, British worker, International trader, food seller, fruit picker- even a journalist- but never a God awful yank hell bent on putting ‘a dead God or the barrel of a gun’ back into my daily life! It seems to give you fewer choices by not having America onside- but see how false most of the choices were in the context of our working towards nothing more than a great war in the Middle East. What else have we achieved lately? Look at what we’ve lost- all of our savings, freedoms, families, children. What on Earth were we thinking?

But you have to allow room for stupidity. For that matter, I would not even engage with an Imam and his similarly stupid views on monotheism, eternal life and religious law. Europe is really tolerant of religion and we should surely try to learn from respective religious histories just how NOT to do it. This is a function of philosophy- Fixed and blinkered ideologues should never be your master. Self mastery is the ultimate truth- even If only with reference to taking back control over your own life.

Come on middle England- get up and cash your chips in. Leave the porno casino for long enough to tell Mister Murdoch that it isn’t the right kind of business for your own home and what's left of your family. Perhaps even leave the smelly pub, the bad food, the awful weather, the miserable wet inhabitants. Who gives a toss for the corruption of our lives anymore? Who cares about the stupid laws they make? Go beg/ borrow/ steal some money, if you need to. Convert it and take a few years holiday away somewhere nice. You’ve suffered enough- go and enjoy yourself, work perhaps, listen, learn while you let this system go to the wall through lack of funding. Don’t pay tax and contribute your talents to some place that might appreciate them more- for the time being. Success is the best revenge.

And when you get to this place, don’t forget to send me a postcard and let me know how the journey was!

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