Friday, January 30, 2009

Open letter to the British Intelligence services

I am rather concerned. I have reason to believe a foreign terrorist organisation has placed agents of influence inside the BBC. Not only inside but in very influential positions.

This terrorist organisation has as its aim the intent to destroy, a national, ethnical & racial group - a crime against humanity that all people the wold over are obliged by international law to act to prevent. These terrorists are inexplicably not on the list of subscribed organisations. This organisation has already penetrated and runs an entire state and has done for 60 years.



  1. Just the BBC? The whole government is complicit in the terrorism of the Palestinian people. The security services aren't gonna do a thing.

    You're obviously in need of my help for some decent articles :-) Try this one:

  2. The writer was being tongue-in-cheek in his comments. Of course the UK government is complicit in this terrorism.

    Thanks for the link anyway. It's a good one so I might publish it.