Friday, September 19, 2008

The Gaian Apocalypse is Upon Us

Some of us --this writer included-- have been warning for some years that another huge collapse of the capitalist system was on its way. Looking back on those early days the collapse has been like a rail-crash in slow motion. It's something that has had a long, drawn out process of manifestation.

But, my friends, it's really happening now in front of our very eyes. And, as one of the commentators in the video below observes, these are indeed interesting times. Times when even a popular programme on BBC Radio asks the question, Is capitalism finished?

Well you can guess what my answer is. But just to be sure, I'll spell it out: yes, capitalism is rapidly winding up but let's not fool ourselves that this was a momentary thing. Its decline has been going on for decades now but, rather like a melting ice-floe, there comes a moment in the process of meltdown when the momentum begins to vastly accelerate. We have reached that moment it seems.

And so we must ask, what next? Where are the signs of a global revolution against capitalism? The revolution, as has been said, will not be televised, so don't look for it there, you won't find it in the artificial bubble of unreality which the apparatchiks, the nomenklatura of the capitalist system, try to fool us is consensus reality. All of that was and is a lot of wishful thinking from which they are now being rudely woken.

Despite appearances what we are facing today is the Mother of All Revolutions:

What we see all about us is the corporate capitalism of a 'New World Order' spiralling increasingly out-of-control mimicking a planetary biosystem also, apparently increasingly in chaos.

That's the reality, forget the endless torrent of words for which the talking heads are paid to spew out. It is in the enactment of nothing less than a tremendous planetary paradigm shift that we find ourselves now.
War from the Perspective of a Paradigm Shift, Chimes of Freedom, 12/01/06

I wrote that some years ago, comparing the breakdown of capitalism to that of the planet's biosystem. When you think about it, there's nothing fanciful at all in that. Human behaviour, including its behaviour in the world of economics, is but an aspect of the greater, planetary biosystem. When human behaviour goes out of kilter with the biosystem and acts, instead, like a cancer cell it ends up destroying itself. That is no doubt what Karl Marx was thinking of when he predicted that capitalism, through its own success, would bury itself.

Now look around us: can we not see that Marx was right? Or are we so addicted to worshipping the illusory Golden Calf that we shall continue to deny the obvious and fish around, ever more desperately, for excuses and rationales? It's much easier to do nothing while it all happens around us ... just so long that it is we who are not suffering from the consequences. But that is no longer the case. The big collapse is pulling us all in with it.

This is a thing of planetary consequences. In a time of what the Native Americans describe as the Earth Changes, the Apocalypse has arrived. Of course I don't mean the simplistic nonsense espoused by fanatical Christian Fundamentalists or Bushco and his bandits.

Living in a world where the predominant archetypes are of a judeo-christian nature, it surprises me not at all that we should find ourselves in what appears to be the endgame of Armageddon. Except that, in the real world, Armageddon is not being played out by Man but by Nature, Gaia herself. And compared to the machinations of the New World Order the Armageddon that is already all around us is the one so effetely described by the War Party's media as the "Climate Changes."

War from the Perspective of a Paradigm Shift, Chimes of Freedom,

In reality and outside their artificial bubble it is something far more real. Something which could be described as a Gaian Apocalypse, a phenomenon which is taking place on many levels of experience, macrocosmic and microcosmic. It is a holistic phenomenon precisely because of the technological outreach that capitalism has achieved. Whether we appreciate it or not we all live in a global village, something of which the collapse of capitalism is once more reminding us. It is, more than ever, a time when we shall all have to Think Global and Act Local. Those two are both part of the same reality we now need to address.

And in the language of old-time socialism, the time for international revolution has come. The Revolution is taking place amongst global humanity: in the anti globalist movement, in South America, in the food riots taking place world-over, in the growing resistance to the Chinese elite as the videos below illustrate. All we have to do is to join the dots together ...

Wall Street Teeters, the Empire & China Shake

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