Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Police trap peaceful protesters in Denver
ANP: Calm political protest turns chaotic as Denver police use pepper spray and batons on trapped crowd

While the western MSM --vassals of Washington DC-- continue to pour out a barrage of lies and disinformation about dem bad Russkies --sometimes in the most appalling way as did BBC Newsnight yesterday using pictures of slavering Russian bears &c-- back in the REAL world this is the sort of violent repression of protest that goes on in 'the Land of the Free'.

If this had happened in Beijing a week ago you can be sure that it would have been plastered from wall-to-wall throughout the 'free West'.

It is honest news reportage of this kind, made under conditions of great personal risk to the reporters, that shows up western 'democracy' to be the true, totalitarian beast that it really is.

Corporate capitalism (fascism) has taken over the West and incidents like the conflict in Georgia --fabricated by the psychopaths in Washington DC and their puppets-- are preparing us for another global War.

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