Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bush's Georgian Nutjob eats his own Tie on TV

As if to confirm growing concerns about the mental stability of Washington's stooge in Georgia, President Saakashvili ate his own tie on TV!

"You know what?," Saakashvili is said to have replied, "If Hitler could chew the carpet, then ..." ;-)

"The BBC has recently aired a TV report, in which Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili ate his tie.

The report was about the situation in the area of the conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia. The footage showed Saakashvili making a call to a top Western official. It could be clearly seen that Mr. Saakashvili was having a nervous breakdown.

Mikhail Saakashvili has been staying in the full glare of publicity for several weeks already. Specialists of medicine have questions about his mental state, Rossia TV channel says.

His statements, which he makes on one and the same day, may often contradict to each other. Russia’s well-known psychologists claim that the Georgian leader is a mentally unstable individual. Specialists say that Saakashvili’s ambition exceeds his capabilities.

Such mental unbalance leads to irresponsible political decisions, which lead to chaos, human deaths and humanitarian catastrophes."


This is one aspect --ie. Saakashvili's ostensibly rash decision to attack Ossetia and thereby provoking Russia-- that has not been examined properly. If Saakashvili is mentally unstable and acted irrationally then that might explain his dangerously quixotic behaviour in taking his country to war against a super-power.

While everyone is looking for rational explanations is it just possible that there are none? That Saakashvili was insane enough to believe that he could openly provoke Russia and be protected by the Gangster on the Block, the USA?

A further sign of his irrational behaviour is his use of the European flag at press conferences. The EU flag apparently now flies from all government buildings. Yet there are no signs of Georgia even joining the EU just now. When questioned recently on Saakashvili's legal right to use the EU flag in this manner President Sarkozy looked visibly embarrassed replying that there was nothing to stop him from doing so.

That may be so but a head of state would normally be aware of diplomatic etiquette. To associate another nation with one's own views and interests in this way seems to be, to say the least, presumptive if not provocative.

From the way Saakashvili is treated by his allies it seems that everyone is aware that he's only half the shilling but dare not mention it for reasons of sheer expediency.

Where Hitler is said to have chewed the carpet, Saakashvili chews his tie. Parallels anyone?

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