Monday, January 07, 2008

A Happy Nazi New Year to the USUK

With the advent of the Christian-Gregorian New Year it seems a very appropriate time to shake up the 'Alternative Media' by pointing-out that even they have become victim to a global epidemic of Cognitive Dissonance and that a Holocaust has taken place greater even than that that against the Jews without their noticing it.

I refer to the Holocaust of 8 Million Muslims by primarily the US and the UK which took place between 1991 and the present during the presidencies of George Bush Sr, Clinton, and Bush Jr.

This Holocaust has been identified by the Australian biochemist, Dr Gideon Polya, and adequately discussed on his website. Dr Polya is author of the book, Body Count - Global Avoidable Mortality since 1950.

Dr Polya has circulated this information widely across the Net. Only to be met by silence.

Why silence? There is only one possible explanation: on the one hand, to date Muslims have been singularly incapable of organizing politically in the way Zionism has to beat its own drum. But, more seriously, it is because the 'Alternative Media' itself is suffering from such a serious epidemic of global Cognitive Dissonance that it appears unable to deal with matters affecting the real world where these matters are controlled tightly by the parameters of unreality being set by the Mainstream Media (MSM) whose purpose is not to report on reality but government propaganda.

We are now in no different a situation to which prevailed in Nazi Germany where the extermination of political dissidents, the physically and mentally handicapped, gypsies and Jews was kept quiet, only to be revealed to a defeated nation by the victors who used the Nuremburg Trials as a political statement as much as a bringing-to-justice.

The USUK still consider themselves to be the victors in their several war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their war criminals still walk free. At least we know that the likes of Bush, Cheney and Blair are war criminals even though they remain untried. But how many know just how enormous is the extent of their war crimes and those of their predecessors? And just how many remain blind and deaf to the enormity of those crimes when they are told of them?

How many in our so-called democracies are prepared to entertain the reality that the crime the West has perpetrated in the Muslim world is actually one proportionally greater than the one committed by Nazi Europe against the Jews?

Well, it's time to wake up ands discover that that is exactly what has happened. And all under the guise of democracy and a compliant MSM. As well as by a self-congratulatory 'Alternative Media' which allowed itself in its complacency to be totally hoodwinked and lied to.

It's time to smash the paradigm of unreality, to allow ourselves to think the unthinkable: we are worse than the Nazis now.

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