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Latest Ben Fulford Conversation
With Jeff Rense
Benjamin Fulford With Jeff Rense
Program Interview Of 1-21-8
Transcript Courtesy Of David Wilcock

RENSE: OK, Welcome back. It's time to go to Tokyo this hour to spend a little very interesting conversational time with Benjamin Fulford, who is with us once a month. Ben has become quite a familiar face on this program, so to speak. He has a large following, and people pay close attention to what he says. This is not just on the basis of the fact that he was the Asia-Pacific bureau chief for Forbes Magazine for eight years. His overall worldview and contact with a pan-Asian secret society which, as many of you know, issued ultimatums through Mr. Fulford to the Rothschilds and the Bilderbergers of the planet to cool it, change their tune...or else. It's a fascinating story. He's a remarkable man and we're happy to have him back with us tonight -- especially on the eve of what they're calling over here, Ben, Black Tuesday -- when the Dow Jones and New York Stock Exchange go at it in the morning after the holiday off today. How are you?

FULFORD: Fine, fine! Yeah, I've been doing a little bit of financial research. Now, I could be wrong, but it seems to be that the United States has gone completely bankrupt.

RENSE: (Laughs) Well, yes, yes. It seems that you're quite right.

FULFORD: You've got a GDP of about 13 or 14 trillion...

RENSE: At least!

FULFORD: And as far as I can tell, your debts are 120 trillion.

RENSE: There you go!

FULFORD: So, say you're only earning 13 thousand dollars a year and you owe 120 thousand. Federally, the bank says, "Hey, you've got to pay it back right now." That's basically the situation the US has found itself in.

RENSE: I don't know where it's going to end, but it's sure going to hell fast. It's like a runaway train, and it's got one wheel left on the track. Let me read some headlines to all of you. And, Ben, pull the phone a little further back from your mouth and I think we'll get a little clearer signal. You sound fine, but just pull that mouthpiece back.

Here's something from World Financial Disaster, the featured story at Rense.com. Let me read some of these headlines. In case you folks have been out of town or disconnected, or in case you wish to remain disconnected from all this, turn your volume down... Bond insurers demise threatens 2.6 trillion dollar bond market. Stocks plummet in Germany, Hong Kong, India and Brazil. 120 Billion lost in European stock crash today -- Black Tuesday set for US tomorrow. TSS Canadian stocks plunge 600 points today. Global markets plunge on US recession fears. Day of Reckoning in the United States -- Glass House coming.

It's wild, and it's getting crazier. Tomorrow, the projection is -- depending on who you care to pay attention to -- that the US stock market may lose up to a thousand points. It's 12,000 something now. Let me just put my two cents on the table. I don't pretend to be an economist, never have, never will -- wouldn't want to be either. I think the stock market has been so overinflated, so oversold, so overbought, so overvalued for so long that it's far past time that something like this happens, and it probably ought to be chopped down 30 percent to get to somewhere reasonable. How do you see it, Ben?

FULFORD: Oh, I figure it's going to fall at least 50 percent, probably more.

RENSE: Fifty!

FULFORD: I was a witness to the Japanese bubble, and they had all sorts of what they called PKOs then, which was a Price Keeping Operation. No matter how much money they threw at it, they could not stop it.

RENSE: That's like the Plunge Protection Team. Same thing.

FULFORD: Yeah. They tried it in 1929 and it didn't work either, right?

RENSE: Right.

FULFORD: Anyway, here's what's really going on. The essence of the situation is this. Remember what Nathan Rothschild famously said?

RENSE: Mm hmm.

FULFORD: "I don't care what fool sits on the Throne of England. Whoever controls the currency of England controls England -- and I control the currency of England." Okay?

RENSE: Sure.

FULFORD: Now, it's the people of Asia -- the Southeast Asians, the Chinese, people together who are 65 percent of the world's population -- who control the world's money now. And so, they can decide how it's going to be spent. And this is what they have decided to do. So, that's why you see Bush suddenly talking about Martin Luther King; what he did for this crusade, and how they assassinated him, and now they suddenly have an effort to make it up. You have the British chancellor saying, "Oh, maybe we should invite Yueng Biao and Brazil and African delegates into the Security Council. Well, they're running scared! Their whole gig is up, and they're trying to show a nice face. It's kind of too late. I mean, what they did to the Iraqi people... they murdered 1.2 million people in order to steal their oil.

RENSE: Yes sir.

FULFORD: They cannot be forgiven for that. Now they try to put on a nice face. They spent all this money -- what did they spend it on? Some sort of expense of a satellite that your friend photographed, that's designed for mass murder.

RENSE: Right.

FULFORD: Diseases that are tailored to kill individual races, specific peoples...

RENSE: You got it.

FULFORD: ...you know, military-industrial mass murder!

RENSE: Genocide on a scale unprecedented. And as you all know, if you've been listening to this program, or others which care about these things -- THEY, the controllers, the Bilderbergs, the CFR types -- have written about reducing the world population by four fifths. That's 80 percent. And they're going to do it. What they want is a feudal system on this planet with a skeleton middle class to interface between them and the serf class so they don't have to get their hands dirty. That's what they're after.

FULFORD: Well, they're not going to get it. They're lucky they're still alive, as I keep repeating. It's not going to happen. They are criminally insane, and the rest of the world has finally figured this out.

RENSE: Well, they ARE criminally insane.

FULFORD: We don't listen to the things they say, we just look at their actions -- and the actions speak for themselves.

RENSE: Speech writers are paid, the ultimate whores, probably, and the mouthpieces like the Bushes and the Browns and the other cretins out there who occupy places of public visibility don't talk about the human misery and death. If the United States -- and God knows, none of us want this to happen -- is the target of one or two or more nuclear bombs, the world at large is not going to mourn and lament that attack. The United States -- not you and I, folks...you know who: the people who have run the coup d'etat in this country, who now are literally driving this nation as an engine of death around the world -- those are the evil ones, but WE are going to pay the price. Don't we always?

FULFORD: I don't think you're going to pay the price at the end of the day. Here's what's going to happen, I believe. This is what I recommended to the society, and they have basically said that they will take this as their policy. Japan is very likely to have a change of government this year. The Democratic Party of Japan is projected to win power according to all the opinion polls. The election is due possibly as early as April, but maybe a bit later -- they'll try to delay it.

RENSE: What will that mean, Ben? What will that mean?

FULFORD: It will mean an end to Japanese slavery and occupation. It will mean an end to the raping and looting of Japan. In other words, it's their money, and they don't want them to use it the way they think it ought to be used. I'm going to ask the Democratic Party of Japan to give me the job, if they win power, of Deputy Finance Minister in charge of Japanese overseas assets. If I get this job, I will have five trillion dollars to play with. And what I'm going to do with that money, or what they're going to do -- I'm hoping, I'm recommending, I believe they're going to do this -- first of all, they're going to make sure that every single human being on the planet has access to a road if they wish it; good information and knowledge about the state of the planet; proper nutrition, and an Internet connection.

It will be a crash campaign on the planet to get everyone on the planet -- every single person -- aware and connected, and fed. Once that's done, we will ask them what their wishes are. Then we'll hire the top brains of the planet, and do everything in our power to make sure those wishes come true. (Voice breaking up -- tears) That's how the Japanese people, I believe, are going to spend their money. (Recovers) And that's a much better way of spending it than on genocide and mass murder. Plus, of course, they will spend it on protecting the environment, so that no more anonymous creatures disappear from the planet forever.

RENSE: It would be nice if the Japanese stopped killing whales, just as a token gesture.

FULFORD: I agree on that one. I will certainly push for that. They have an argument, which is that "you kill cows, and other animals."

RENSE: Two wrongs don't make a right. I don't care what culture you're in.

FULFORD: Sure, sure. I understand. What I would suggest, though, is they have some extraordinarily delicious vegetarian meat now here. It's so real you can't believe it's made from plants. And I'm going to recommend that if they wish to get on a high horse and preach, they should all become vegetarians first.

RENSE: Would you be the first Caucasian in the Japanese parliament -- or the Japanese government, not just parliament?

FULFORD: No. There is a member of parliament with Finnish ancestry now in the parliament. I would be the second.

RENSE: So, this is coming up fairly soon. You obviously have some connections with whom you can deal. You can make this suggestion and you obviously would be happy to serve the Japanese interests on a world stage, or advise it.

(Bumper music) It would be fascinating -- they would be silly not to use your expertise. It would be interesting!

FULFORD: I spent a long time talking to the leaders of that party over many years. They know me quite well. They read my books. They know what the plan is. Now that they realize they don't have to be scared of being murdered by right-wing gangsters anymore, and now that they realize that Japan really can be free again, they're ready to turn it around.

RENSE: Well, that's music to many, many ears, for sure. Stand by, Ben, we'll be right back. Benjamin Fulford is my guest, live from Tokyo. He's here once a month with us, and we shall continue right after this.


RENSE: Wherever you look in the world now, you see not just ripples but major fractures in the actual structure of the financial engines of our countries, corporations and fiscal networks. They're calling it Miserable Monday in London -- the biggest crash since September 11th. It wiped off more than 150 billion dollars' worth of value from the stock market in London. They call it a meltdown. That's an understatement. That was the UK's 100 biggest companies. Tomorrow (Tuesday), I'm expecting a 500 to 1000-point drop on the Dow. The stage is set -- the Plunge Protection Team is burning the midnight oil, but there's not a whole lot they can do. The momentum of this thing now, if I am correct, is really unprecedented. I've never seen anything like it. From your background as an economics expert, have you ever seen anything like this? Did you expect to see something like this? It's like it got out of control and now it's running amok.

FULFORD: I have seen things like this before. I watched the collapse of the Japanese bubble. The difference, though, with the bubble and the US-European problem is that the Japanese only owed the money to each other. What's happening in the US is more like the collapse of Argentina or Mexico or the countries in the Asian crisis like Korea.

RENSE: That's an interesting analogy.

FULFORD: They owed the money to people outside their country, so it's not in their hands. They cannot make the decisions. The rest of the world will have to decide what the US needs to do if it wants to be rescued. And I believe they're going to say, "Look, you guys, you're spending too much money on killing people. And we want you to change your ways. Then we will continue to finance you again."

RENSE: Now, of course, Ben, the village idiot was just over in the Middle East, talking about what a terrible enemy Iran was to the human race, how Iran needed to be neutralized. Meanwhile, the Russians delivered the fourth shipment of nuclear fuel to the Iranian Buseher (ph) reactor, and I'm not sure, but it seems to me that there is an impasse of sorts developing. The Russian general staff has said they will not tolerate any threat to Russian sovereignty or to the sovereignty of any of Russia's allies and friends - which would seem to include Iran. I don't know, but it looks like Bush is under orders from his handlers to continue to press for a spring or summer offensive against Iran. And the Russians are saying, "Not a good idea."

FULFORD: It would be suicide for America, and the American people -- and for Israel. And for every single member of the elite families. You know who you are. Another thing I'd like to say to these petro-kings out there, especially the monarchs who rule Saudi Arabia, they should go back and read their Koran. If they continue to support these evil murderers who are killing their fellow Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, they will very surely go to hell. They had better beware. Their days of evil are either going to end, or their families will be torn and uprooted from their countries.

RENSE: Interestingly enough, the Wahabi family was a creation of Zionism in the first place. And of course, as most of you know, those little sheikdoms around the Middle East were the creation of British Petroleum after World War I. In fact, BP drew the current map of the Middle East after World War I, and they dismembered what was left of Turkey.

FULFORD: Just think of the name Saudi Arabia. It's like saying "Bush America," you know?

RENSE: That's a very, very good point. Well put. Good.

FULFORD: And these people are really, really decadent and nasty. My father used to be the Canadian ambassador to Saudi Arabia. I got to meet a lot of these people firsthand. They're not nice people, and they do very nasty things to their own countrymen. One of the things I remember being told is if you ever got into a car accident in Saudi Arabia, you have to pretend to be injured. If the police take you, they might put you in a cell and forget they put you there. You might be there for years or dozens of years. That's the sort of country they run.

RENSE: It's something I've heard before. I concur with you. The whole situation over there is not good. Let's get back to this Russian thing. I'm not sure of the relationship between Japan and Russia. That's not really a topic of discussion now, but you did say that you, if you were somehow appointed to the position you talked about, would have five trillion dollars with which to potentially maneuver and manipulate and, shall we say, buy a lot of very valuable American assets cheaply. Now that would be quite a shopping spree!

FULFORD: There are a lot of nice American assets to be bought. More important than buying up individual American companies is redirecting the American economy away from war. It's kind of a military-industrial socialism. More important would be to hire Americans and American companies to go out and save the world. (Bumper music) In other words, pay the Americans to do good things. That would rescue America, and America would once again be as prosperous and as loved by the people of the planet as it was during the time of Kennedy. That's the ultimate goal.

RENSE: I would suggest that the place where that kind of an effort would be launched would be Iraq, where the country lies in utter ruin and devastation. Depleted uranium, of course, has destroyed it forever.

FULFORD: I think the important thing now is to eliminate oil as a source of energy.

RENSE: Well, it could be done. We've got to take a break here. For those of you who reviewed the Stanley Meyer story on YouTube, you understand that water has been made available as a fuel. We'll be back.


RENSE: By this time tomorrow night, Black Tuesday will have come and gone. We will know the damage. If the American market dives tomorrow, will the rest of the world continue to founder and to plummet as it did today?

FULFORD: I'm going to try to call for an international meeting in Tokyo to come up with a new world financial system to replace the one now functioning, or dys-functioning, so to say. In other words, World Bank, IMF, BIF, and control by the Bank of England and Fed of the planet will be ended. A whole new system will have to be created. There will be a lot of discussion about what form it's going to take, but it's got to involve things like putting a value on nature -- making sure the financial system is fundamentally connected to the needs of the planet. It's the lifeblood of the planet, and it has to flow in a healthy manner. Right now it's turned into a system of very sophisticated thievery. There's a very simple psychological mechanism in humans. If you are poor, you take 50 dollars now rather than 100 dollars a month from now. If you're rich, you will wait a month. So what happens is over the years, people who are rich have said to the poor, "Here, we'll lend you money right now. You can pay us back later." They've created debt slaves. This is why the different religions over the years have banned usury. At a very high level, this is what has been going on. A group of 10,000 people or so have been cooking up very sophisticated forms of this technique to basically take money from the poor of the world and make themselves richer and richer. And that's why you've had asset inflations. These people are so rich that there's more money than they can spend on indulging themselves, so they buy stocks and real estate and push it up. And this is what's been going on. The system is fundamentally evil, put simply. There will be some kind of new rules to make sure that... right now, bankers don't need to have moral training. I think a banker needs to have better religious training than a rabbi, priest or imam. They are in a position where they have to have very, very strict ethical standards. And many do. My brother is a banker. He went to Rockefeller Univeristy, and when he graduated with his Ph.D., Nelson Rockefeller and David Rockefeller asked him what he wanted to do. He said "I want to be rich." They sent him to work with James Wolfensen, Paul Volcker (ph). But, because he was stupidly honest - I think he made three million dollars a year - he refused and quit jobs many times, because ethical corners were being cut. There are many bankers like that. And these people are very important. We need their help to come up with a new system that fits our moral codes. I don't know exactly what that system will be, but you can guarantee...

RENSE: Well, you're talking about removing the Fed. If you can cut the Fed out of... it reminds me of a patient who has systemic cancer with tumors everywhere, interconnected. They say it's inoperable. I don't know how we can do it, given the current situation.

FULFORD: A lot of the bureaucrats and technocrats in the Fed and these other central banks are not evil people. They are technicians. They are just trying to adjust the amount of money to the size of the economy. It's the higher-ups, the people who own it and don't get involved in day-to-day management, who are the problem, for the most part. It's interesting that the Federal Reserve Board of St. Louis came up with a very persuasive paper -- I think a guy named Kristol wrote it. The paper said the United States was bankrupt. Treasury Secretary O'Neill wanted to put this out to the public. That is why O'Neill was fired, and the report was suppressed. Bush didn't want to have to deliver bad news, so they shot the messenger. So now you're bankrupt. You failed to listen to the warnings of your own Fed! That's the situation. The Federal Reserve Board, or the families that own them, will have to relinquish that power. That's the bottom line. I think that we need to have some sort of global asset redistribution. If you take all the excess funds from those 10,000 people, I think you'll find there will be about 10,000 dollars for every man, woman and child on Earth. Now that might not seem like a lot for rich Americans, but if you were an African peasant farmer earning less than a dollar a day, that's like winning the lottery. And that's how most of humanity lives. Once humanity is allowed to develop its potential, there will be so many benefits for everybody. It's hard to imagine how wonderful it will be! You would have five times more really good movies to watch, for example. Incredible advances we can't even begin to imagine! It's going to be incredible!

RENSE: Do you see over there, from your perspective, that America is... I kind of laugh at this... headed toward a recession? We're already in a recession here, as far as I can tell. Inflation is double-digit virtually across the board now, and pushing into the 20s in some key categories.

FULFORD: I think that depression would be a better word than recession.

RENSE: Well, the joke my friend just sent me goes like this: "What do you call somebody who believes there's going to be a recession?"

FULFORD: I don't know, what?

RENSE: "An optimist!"

FULFORD: (Laughs) You've got to remember: at the end of the day there's one thing you've always got to calculate. You still have your people, you still have your know-how, you still have your factories. So, it's just that you have to change the rules you operate on. Some people call it restructuring. That's all. It involves a lot of changing your system. And the most important change is to stop spending so much money on killing people.

RENSE: You're talking about not just changing a system but literally eviscerating an evil which has taken total charge of most of the actual viable ingredients that we have to offer as a society!

FULFORD: You have an infestation of evil at the very highest levels. That has to be rooted out. We have to put a system into place so that this never happens again. (Bumper music) So yeah, there are some very, very evil people at very high levels. They need to be purged from your system.

RENSE: That's an understatement. OK, hold on, we'll be right back with Benjamin Fulford in just a couple minutes, live from Tokyo.


RENSE: OK, and we're back with Benjamin Fulford. Jim Jubak (ph) wrote in MSN Money, "So, the next banking crisis is on the way." The next one! He said, let me read just a bit of this interesting report:

"Citigroup announced it would take an 18.1 billion-dollar write-down..." I love that expression, a write-down... "on its portfolio of sub-prime mortgages..." Why can't they say losses anymore? "...and other risky debt. The bank cut its dividend to 41 percent." Bla, bla, bla. He says, "This kind of quarter always marks the bottom of a crisis like this." Nope. "The banks and other financials have more losses from the sub-prime mortgage mess on their books that they haven't even yet confessed to. Worse, the mortgage debacle has spread to other types of debt, with banks and other financial companies reporting mounting losses on their credit card and auto loan portfolios. And worst of all, the next big leg of the crisis, the one I think will mark the true bottom, has just begun. As the economy slows, the default rate is rising for corporate debt - especially for the high-risk, high-yield corporate debt called "junk" by many of us. That's the opening of a Pandora's Box of potential write-downs that could dwarf the losses in the current mortgage market."

So, (according to Jubak) we're not even close to plumbing the depths of this catastrophe.

FULFORD: What's happening now is that this may be the biggest historical change in hundreds of years. We're talking about a secret regime that has ruled the planet for 300 years coming to an end. That's what really is going on. It's truly going to be a wonderful thing for the people of humanity, and for the people of America and England! They will be free -- for the first time in a very long time! The newspapers will be filled with real news. They will have more money. There will be no more paranoid propaganda. You people have been trained to be some sort of warrior ants or warrior caste. Fifty percent of Hollywood's budget comes from the Pentagon! You're trained to be fighting machines from a very young age. This is going to end. People will say, "Wow! I don't have to be paranoid anymore. I don't have to be scared. I don't have to think about fighting all the time." This is the sort of change we're talking about.

RENSE: Let me ask you another question. There's a big story you were kind enough to send me a translation of. In the Japanese parliament, several people brought the issue of 9/11 up over there. Tell us about that. How was that received by the Japanese press?

FULFORD: The fight for Japan is still not over yet. Until the Yakuda (ph) government goes, there are still some elements that are fighting for the US-controlled secret government. That's coming to an end. The policy of the leading opposition party is to bring this up in parliament on national TV aired nationwide. And this guy is going to take over the government within a year. That will mean, of course, that they will be told the truth -- not just about 9/11, but all sorts of historical truths that have been hidden will be made open. The Japanese people will be free from colonial control. That's what's going to happen. Right now, the people at the top level all know what 9/11 was. All the politicians, everybody else, they know it was a faction of the US government murdering their own people to create an excuse to steal oil and kill Iraqis.

RENSE: So most of the Japanese public who are politically aware and astute understand that basic concept?

FULFORD: Yes. At the high levels, they all understand. They know what's really going on.

RENSE: That's good to hear.

FULFORD: The Americans and the puppetmasters really do not understand the Japanese people. They thought they had them under much greater control than they do. That's what's happening here. Japan is in the process of liberating itself, and the emperor is behind this as a symbol of the Japanese people. Like I said, they have the largest amount of money in federal assets of any country in the world. So really, they can decide, once they free themselves, what to do with that money. The Japanese like peace, they like prosperity and they like to protect the environment - so that's going to be the new focus. Instead of creating wars and new wars and then suppressing technology, you're going to find them doing stuff that's just common sense.

RENSE: Are there calls for this kind of revolution in the Japanese mainstream media? Do you see editorials talking like you're talking, or are you speaking...

FULFORD: No, no editorials. There are, on commercial television, prime-time TV shows about 9/11, OK? So it's not just a private debate on NHK. One of Japan's biggest and most famous TV personalities, Dee Takeshia (ph,) I think he won some prizes at Cannes and is well-known overseas too - he had a prime-time commercial show about 9/11.

RENSE: Wow. They don't even talk about 9/11 in the so-called debates over here in this phony campaign season. That's amazing.

FULFORD: Look. Getting back to that Rothschild quote, it doesn't matter what puppet system is in the Oval Office anymore, because you're bankrupt! That's what Bush did... he bankrupted America and put an end to American military terrorism of the planet.

RENSE: He literally has... well, he hasn't, but his handlers have ground the American military almost to the point where they're just barely able to function as a projection of strength anymore. They've just really been depleted. They're sending American men and women back into combat who are injured -- they're that short on troops. This is all being done, of course, by design.

FULFORD: Whatever their design was, it's failing. Like I said, they cannot run their scenarios anymore.

RENSE: I hope to hell that you're right, and that they're listening, because they still show no signs of giving up yet. Your analysis is something they don't want to hear.

FULFORD: They're not going to have a choice. It's just a matter of time. This is going to play itself out, I believe, probably this year -- we should see the end of Illuminati rule.

RENSE: I think 2008 is the pivotal year.

FULFORD: The Chinese like auspicious numbers; their Olympics start on August 8, 2008. (8/8/8). The Japanese people are also believers in this. There's a general feeling that it's Asia's turn to have more say. Right now, the planet is ruled by an apartheid system. It's actually not even apartheid -- it's 10,000 people controlling the planet and manipulating people's information. And that's not a healthy system. So it's coming to an end. Literally, the entire post-World War II order -- the United Nations, the way it's structured -- everything is going to change. It's not just a financial crisis.

RENSE: Not soon enough.

FULFORD: You will see. Events will prove that I am right. This is something that is not my decision; it is a decision by the people of Asia. I'm just a spokesman. This is something that is not in the power of the Illuminati to stop. They cannot. It will not work.

RENSE: Who is still laying claim, or trying to lay claim to Japan? Is it the Rockefellers or the Rothschilds?

FULFORD: I think it's now the Rothschilds who are trying to show a nicer face and get back to the traditional, good side of the Anglo-Saxon world. There's a lot of good about Anglo-Saxon culture. A sense of fairness, doing the right thing...

RENSE: Absolutely. There used to be some amazing values systems. You're right.

FULFORD: So they're trying to say, "Hey, look. We're going to change our ways, and we're going to be good now." These sorts of things are going on. There is such a huge literature about the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Illuminati. Hundreds and hundreds of books. All the intellectuals in Japan know this! RENSE: So there's no problem in talking about Zionism over there. They have no problem. It's all over the place.

FULFORD: It's all over the place.

RENSE: Hmm! Of course, Zionists don't own the Japanese media, so that makes it a little easier.

FULFORD: The tricky thing is to avoid being prejudiced against the Jewish peoples while criticizing Zionism. Sometimes some of the Japanese have mixed the two together. I've been trying very hard to tell them, "Hey, hey. This is not a Jewish thing." They use the word "Judiah-shihon," Jewish capital. I tell them you cannot use that word, it's wrong; change the word. And they get it. They know it's not a Jewish thing.

RENSE: I've been trying to do that same thing for many years. It's finally starting to stick, but we don't have access to the majority of Americans, so that makes it hard.

FULFORD: Again, the thing is that once you get the intelligent people, it will trickle down. The trickle-down works with information too. So people are finally starting to get it. We're talking about gangsters here. We're not talking about any ethnic group or anything; we're talking about a group of very powerful, very intelligent hoodlums. They're murderers. They have controlled the Japanese. The Japanese basically won World War III in the 1980s by taking over the majority of the world's money. To prevent the Japanese from realizing that they have the power to save the world, they've been murdering Prime Ministers, intimidating journalists, murdering journalists, and hiring gangsters to try to keep the Japanese people subdued. Now the gangsters themselves are saying, "Wait a minute! Why are we betraying our own people?" (Bumper music) And once the Asian gangsters turn against them, they've lost their secret power!

RENSE: That's true. That's true. Thanks, Ben, we're out of time already. We'll talk to you next month - maybe we'll get your views on the American political season as it staggers forward.

FULFORD: It's really a farce!

RENSE: Totally. We might have some laughs. I'd like to get the take on the whole scene from the Japanese media. All right, we'll talk to you then. Thank you very much, Ben.

FULFORD: Thank you.

RENSE: Good night. Benjamin Fulford, live from Tokyo.

That's our program for tonight, and we'll be right back to you in 21 hours. Take care of yourself, and we'll see you at Rense.com.


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    Hey Rory forget the conspiracy sites, this is the real thing. The Cops have now been forced to investigate Blair:


  2. Many thanks for the tip-off. As you can see I've now put it up on my blog. Let's hope that the scales of natural justice finally weigh-in on the criminals who have been posing as our political leaders. And that includes the Brown-nose as well.