Friday, October 13, 2006

Sack Parliament! from

At 1pm on Monday October 9th, up to one hundred and fifty angry and concerned people converged on the Palace of Westminster to sack parliament. The plan was to surround parliament and cause parliamentary activities to cease. MPs, Lords and civil servants would be prevented from re-opening Parliament.

As soon as protesters started to arrive, police quickly moved in to stop-and-search everyone that was considered 'suspicious'. Many people were turned away from reaching Parliament Square, others were singled out by police units and prevented from joining the protests. See 2pm update when around 100 protesters were surrounded by police. An NUJ photographer was hospitalised by police after being violently thrown into a kerb.

Eventually the remaining demonstrators were left out of the police pen, after having been searched, photographed and identified. There are reports of several arrests, but there is no confirmation of numbers as yet.

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