Tuesday, October 03, 2006

KILEMA ~ Soul of Madagascar

Born Randriananantoandro Clement 46 years ago in Toliara, Madagascar, KILEMA began playing with local bands and building rustic guitars (with strings made from bicycle brake cables) at the age of 12. After getting a degree in English studies at the Ankatso University, he went "pro" as a vocalist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, performing with the likes of the Justin Vali Trio under the aegis of Peter Gabriel's Real World label. KILEMA formed his own band in 1997 and his first solo album ('Ka Malisa') was released in 1999. He now resides in Cordoba, Spain, and regularly tours with his brother Nesta and other Spanish musicians. KILEMA (which means "Clement" in Malagasy) is a master of the Marovany, the Kabosy, and the Katsa (handmade string instruments native to his country) and carries the magical, rhythmic soul of Madagascar wherever he goes.

Camera/Editing: Antares
Concert footage from RWMF 2006: With blessings & love from Kilema

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