Monday, October 16, 2006


I am committed to the struggle against Islamophobia in Britain and elsewhere.

Though I am a nominal Christian I have thrown in my lot with my Muslim fellow-countrymen in order to face the anti-evolutionary forces behind the current Islamophobia.

The time is now ripe for the formation everywhere of an Alliance for Peace, Justice and the Defence of Civil Liberties, an Alliance for everyone, including Muslims, Jews, Christians and All Others alike.

If humanity is to evolve in this new Christian century then it will only do so by first facing and then prevailing against the anti-evolutionary forces behind Islamophobia.

Islamophobia is, itself, nothing more than a red herring for the real intention of the criminal minds behind it is to stir-up communal strife in order to justify the implementation of draconian, totalitarian laws to turn our Planet into one vast corporate totalitarian prison. What the Canadian journalist, Eric Margolis, calls the 'sovietization' of the USA is but the first significant step towards this planetary gulag.

I am sending this to you via the Internet, trusting that this revolutionary method of planetary communication has its own impetus and dynamic to set the world afire with an idea whose time is NOW.

In the spirit of a truly democratic, horizontal network of information and action I only ask that if you are inspired by this idea to make it your own and to run with it. Act as you are inspired to do. If it takes a hundred monkeys to change the dietary habits of an entire species, think what a hundred humans could do!

I ask you to circulate this request to everyone you know around the world. Please do reply to me and give me your feedback.

Another World is Possible!

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