Friday, September 08, 2006

Will Britain's Tony Blair ever quit?

President George W Bush's spokesman, Tony Snow, emphasised Mr Bush's continued support for the Prime Minister. "Don't count Tony Blair out," said Mr Snow. "Tony and the president have a lot of work to do. He's still the Prime Minister of Great Britain, he's a valuable ally." --- 'Blair clings to the wreckage'

Or is he depending on Bush's and Rupert Murdoch's support to create for himself a series of 'terrorist scares', wars and economic crises which enable him to create a national government or coalition with his fellow-fascist, the Tory David Cameron, and even justify emergency rule, including martial law?

I wouldn't put any of this past them as behind their strained smiles hide two dangerous psychopaths.

The so-called May 2007 deadline for his resignation has evidently been accepted by his morose would-be successor, Gordon Brown. In fact it was what Rupert Murdoch's gutter-press Sun newspaper was advising him yesterday; no doubt, as a direct order made publicly by Blair's handler, Murdoch.

Brown was clearly black-mailed into accepting it with the threat that, if he didn't, the Labour Party would tear itself apart leading to some sort of national government or Blair-Cameron coalition which would effectively deny Brown his prime ministerial ambitions forever.

That was the threat the Sun was making yesterday, that is to say that was Murdoch speaking to the British public, issuing threats and ultimatums.

This is why Britain, today, is effectively a dictatorship by any other name, a banana republic colony run by the Great White Father in Washington, DC and an Australian press baron.

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