Friday, September 01, 2006

Pop goes the Weasel on Channel 4 News

Of course, it's not just the BBC that is a mouthpiece for Anglo-US imperialist propaganda. As the British state's broadcasting system the BBC has always maintained the myth of providing fair, balanced reporting. It's cynical old founder, Lord Reith, was fully aware of that hypocrisy when the BBC adopted the motto "Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation."

Today, still pretending to be the nice, fair-minded English Aunty BBC it has always been, it's one of the major, global promoters of Washington's War Party. Some media-watching groups like the Medialens seem to focus on the BBC and The Guardian in an almost obsessional manner. It's what happens when you get sucked into long drawn-out exchanges with spent media hacks who only change their policies (and consciences) according to who currently pays their piper his tune.

In Britain, I would make an intelligent guess that Britain's media pipers are paid, or should I say being coerced, by individuals like Tony Blair and clandestine groups like MI5 and the CIA. As the undeclared fifty-first state of the good ol' United States of Paranoia both Blair and the latter have a vested interest in keeping public opinion in line and anyone who refuses to see that behind news management lies a spooky world of distorted facts, disinformation and overt propaganda lives in La La Land. News management is about the science of twisting the truth to suit a certain, in this case the state apparat's, viewpoint.

George Orwell knew that when he coined the word 'newspeak' and wrote his 1984. What would he have to say in retrospect when, 22 years after, we find an Atlanticist, neo-con Nu Labour party leading the vanguard cadres of 'neo-liberal' totalitarianism willy-nilly into a new dark battle of corporate capitalism versus the forces of Mother Nature? What stupidity, what hubris! Only the most ignorant amongst the human race could dare to believe in such an unequal struggle.

Yet, the corrupted, amoral drug-addict we call capitalism is trying to do just that. Knowing that it is already in its last days, it desperately hangs onto its trappings and lies. Knowing that nobody really believes in its hollow message anymore, it is compelled to keep its road-show going until the bitter end. And the propaganda machine it has spawned in the mass media keeps grinding away, day to day, turning out the same old obscene fabrications to reassure itself and its captive audience that it's make-believe world is tangibly real.

A finite illustration of this: watching the Channel 4 TV's 7 o'clock news last night, I distinctly heard the newscaster, Alex Thompson, state that Iran was developing a nuclear warhead. Not having a video-recorder on at the time I searched the C4 web-site for a recording of that news item. Despite the fact that it was itemised under 'Iran defies deadline' the clip was not there. Had it been removed in time by the company already faced with a deluge of complaints, including mine, of a blatant lie having been deliberately planted there as a subliminal trigger? A slip of the tongue by the newscaster? Highly unlikely, it's more than his job's worth. No, if that is what I heard him say, and I would swear before my Maker that he did, then the words came off an autocue, already neatly prepared by the news editors.

Neat isn't it? You just slip in a nasty porky when you think your audience is nodding-off and wait for it to sink into the subliminal slime of a collective TV mind in an advanced state of attention deficit disorder. The rest of the report is passable despite a few choice lines such as Iran's "defiance" of the "United Nations" (read Anglo-US Imperium). They even interviewed Larijani who, beamed in from Tehran, is unlikely to have heard Alex Thompson's damning introduction.

That's how the Mainstream Media's brainwashing technique works: they know that it's the headline that sells the message and that the collective mind switches off, runs down with all the detail that follows. Only the few attentive ones, looking out for their sleight-of-hand, will keep listening, watching and registering. If you slip in the Big Lie ever so quickly then few will notice and, even if they do, you can always remove the evidence. In this case it was a dead give-away because the report, though advertised as a video replay, was withdrawn.

This happens all the time! Few will notice these little incidents. But, believe me, they are no mistakes. They are coldly premeditated, meant to appeal not to rationality but emotions and tribal prejudices ...

"That's the way the Money goes, pop goes the weasel!"

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  1. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Have you considered quite how far all the "lies" might go, Kosmic Knight?!

    I'm a member of this group:

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    Tell me what you think! If you like what you see, come and join us and bring all of your friends!

    United we stand for the Truth and Love against Lies, Hatred and Fear (A "War on Terror" indeed!).

    Also, depite the whole "Zionist" thing - be aware that there are many many Jewish people who are totally against all this - and many of them could not look more Jewish if they tried! How can anyone call these people "Anti-Semitic"?!!!

    ( I am not Jewish myself - I'm a kind of Christian Mystic and I refuse to "hate" anyone!