Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wake up and smell the coffee!

While listening to the News I was in my kitchen, preparing supper. When I saw Abu Izzadeen shouting at Reid my initial feelings were those of excitement that somebody was having a go at the thug who himself was looking dazed and bemused by the sudden attack.

Then I began to feel uncomfortable, even embarrassed. Clearly, Reid and the media were loving it and doing everything to show up Izzadeen as an "extremist" and a dangerous clown.

Why was I feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed, I asked myself? It was then I realised why: if I had been in Izzadeen's place I would have probably reacted to Reid in just the same way through pent-up anger, frustration and contempt for a cowardly, opportunist, corrupt politician who, bereft of any moral claim, has stooped to the lowest levels of tribal bigotry to score his points.

To me, Abu Izzadeen's outburst symbolises the collective anger of an entire society of the politically marginalised which Reid and his Nu Labour cronies have helped to create in a Britain divided between haves and have-nots.

An entire society! Not only of blacks and Muslims but of all races religions and colours who are being trodden underfoot by the Big Brother jackboots that the thug Reid, his cronies and the Mainstream Media represent.

Instead of playing their game and inanely nodding our own heads, saying, "Oh yes, that Izzadeen chap. He's definitely an extremist. See how he shouts in a disaffected, London Carribbean accent. Look at his clothes! He's black and dangerous!" Oh no, we can't tolerate the likes of him in Britain!, instead of allowing ourselves to be duped so easily by the system ... how about seeing what's really going on?

About who's really the threat to our freedoms, who's removing our freedoms in a raft of legislation turning our country into a prison camp for the new world odour? Where are the real killers, the mass murderers hiding in their Green Zones, protected by their thuggish bodyguards, secret services and and all-compliant media?

How about standing up for our freedoms, stepping out of the shoes of the marginalised victim and taking a page out of Britain's past, its tradition of radical dissent and old-time socialism?

Of course they'll call us extremists. They always do when their stinking, rotten system is threatened. Soon they'll call us terrorists as well for the legislation which while today is being used against non-whites will soon be turned on the entire population. Make no mistake, that is the nature of the prison-camp they are creating in this heavily-surveilled colony of Washington's Evil Empire.

We should be supporting Britons who have the courage to speak out at the right time and in the right place. We should see them as modern British dissenters, not "extremists". As Izzadeen himself said, we should wake up and smell the coffee!


  1. "All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and entrances; each man in his time plays many parts."

  2. For the record and in order that folk should really have the facts, it is more than likely that what the media present to us as an "extremist" is really an MI6 stooge.

    Here's what I have been told by a very reliable, investigative source:

    "Abu Izzadeen is a notorious member of Omar Bakri Mohammed's extremist network formerly known as 'Al-muhajiroun'."

    "Bakri is an MI6 recruit, and is currently being protected from investigation vis-a-vis 7/7 via his exile to Lebanon, from where he continues to incite violence and raise funds for unknown operations. Bakri is routinely called in for a chat by the Lebanese authorities at the request of the British, whose response to questions about this is "no comment"."

    "Izzadeen is probably either on the same payroll (he is in contact with Bakri), or is an unwitting dupe of Bakri, who appears to have a nice, cosy relationship with the British authorities even now."

    >From his media track-record it is more than likely that Izzadeen is an MI6 agent provocateur. Whether he is on their payroll or a convenient dupe we cannot say. But Reid's bragging that he was prepared to make himself vulnerable by addressing a meeting in Leytonstone is perhaps a good indicator that the entire incident was a set-up.

    None of this should distract us from the fact that what Izzadeen actually did was to heckle the thug Reid. Since when has heckling become an extremist act in Britain's brave new world?"

  3. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Umm... Since last year's Labour Party conference?