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Get Well Soon, Fidel. The Poor of the World love You!
(80th Birthday, 13 August 2006)

How best can We Honor Him? By doing our part to defeat the Giant Corporation-Government- corporate Mass Media Axis. I read (or misread) a false (Thank Goodness) report of Fidel Castro's death. (Mark Twain would have said it was exaggerated.) What follows below was originally written as a Eulogy. Happily, a few words can be changed and offered as a Tribute to this truly astonishing hero. After the Tribute, we put forward an Action Plan intended to rescue Cuba and the rest of us from "the New World Order".

Tribute (and Best Wishes) to Fidel Castro
by Mike Stagman Sunday, Aug. 06, 2006 at 1:53 PM

I. In Tribute

A GIANT has nearly passed from this little planet earth.

A measure of Fidel Castro's greatness is the depth of reverence and love the People of Cuba have felt for this man, which helped immensely to keep him safe from a series of American secret police assassins.

A measure of Fidel Castro's greatness is witnessed by the virtual unanimity of support given him by the Cuban people, presenting a virtually unified front against subversion and constant financial & political pressure from the overwhelmingly powerful United States.

A measure of Fidel Castro's greatness can be glimpsed on any map displaying the United States and Cuba. Just look at the difference in physical size ! Go ahead and look at a map. Fidel Castro kept his island safe from this enormous, warmongering and close-lying Enemy for half a century!! Unimaginable, but he DID it.

A measure of Fidel Castro's greatness may be viewed in his original Revolution -- managed in a U.S. Corporation-Mafia playground bolted and guarded by a U.S. Government-coddled Batista dictatorship.

A measure of Fidel Castro's greatness can be seen in the quick, revolutionary transformations in Cuba from downtrodden ignorance, poverty and exploitation to social security, education, and one of the best medical systems in the world (substantially better for people's health than that found in the United States).

A measure of Fidel Castro's greatness is to take a downtrodden people and to instill in them a quiet, indelible, soul-nourishing PRIDE.

A measure of Fidel Castro's greatness was obvious in his personal bravery and unwavering moral purpose.

[Look around you in this contemporary world. Look at the scrawny material things that motivate the heavy majority of middle-class beings, due primarily to corporate advertising and corporate influence on government.

[Look at the crude values and senseless fears which haunt even the Rich, urging them to lead unethical, petty materialistic lives -- and only in this are they uncompromising.]

[Note on human psychology: Moral Purpose lends courage. Fidel Castro has exemplified this truth.]

A measure of Fidel Castro's greatness lies in the inspiration he bestowed upon so many of us --- and not to forget that Che Guevara did the same. Oh, Cuba ! Thank you.

[And Viva the unsung hero Raul Castro !!]

A measure of Fidel Castro's greatness, and the hatred he awakened in ugly financial and political Powers, may be seen in his INDEPENDENCE and Fearlessness.

As a symbol of these unusual human virtues did the alien Powers not only hate but FEAR him. They are, after all, despite their Money and Power, a tiny, tiny, tiny, miniscule minority. "What if", they ask each other, "The Many become fearless, independent and morally determined like this Castro?"

II. How Best Can We Honor Fidel Castro?

How to overcome the Corporation-Government-corporate Mass Media axis that is creating a New World Order of international Fascism? which gravely endangers all of us.


First to quickly explain The System we are yoked into. Once distinguishing the trees from the forest, It is really quite simple:

Giant Corporations have the money (for the most part begotten criminally). They pour it into politicians and the entire political system, thereby purchasing the most coveted of prizes -- domination of Government with all of Its tremendous powers (e.g. to devise giant-corporation-benefiting policies such as War, fascistic destruction of democratic processes and civil liberties, secret-police Scaremongering contrivances such as America's 9/11 and Britain's 7/7, Genetic Engineering, Patents on Life-Forms and the entire abusive system of patent law, the marketing of dangerous drugs, protection from taxation, protection from an exploited and damaged Citizenry, and, generally, protection from Justice.)

Domination of Government facilitates the other fabulous weapon in the Corporate arsenal -- a corporate Mass Media which propagandizes, suppresses information, and distorts facts. In other words, operates a system of Thought Control.

The chief dispenser of Thought Control is the genuinely vile, Orwellian machine called TELEVISION. It is an addiction far worse than heroin, and the ignorant, ethically passive Silent Majority gape at it daily hour-after-hour and absorb its many forms of Propaganda.

NOTE: This largely ignorant, easily manipulated, and politically passive Majority is the true basis of Corporate Power.

The ignorance and warped thinking of the Vast Majority are utterly vital to the Few controlling the Many (i.e. Oligarchy; when the Many are in control, as in Classical Athens, the political system is called "Democracy")

Therefore, an informed, politically active Majority would spell the end of Giant Corporation domination of Government and the Media.

The major stockholders (they are a handful of families, primarily Rockefeller and DuPont in the USA) who control these Giant Corporations are forever bent on keeping the Citizenry ignorant, misinformed, and politically passive (except, now-and-then, to be aroused for evil purposes).

Miscellaneous, Extremely Important Facts:

1. Giant Corporations form themselves into syndicates (cartels). The 3 most wealthy and powerful cartels are (1) the U.S.-UK Oil Cartel (essentially, Rockefeller-held Exxon-Mobil-Chevron and British BP & Shell Oil. The Rockefeller family has dominated this cartel for 100 years. Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, the intended invasion of Iran, etc., are this Cartel's doing.

(2) The Chemical-Drug-Biotechnology syndicate [principal corporations include Monsanto, DuPont, Dow (USA)-- not quite certain but Monsanto & Dow are very likely Rockefeller-controlled; ICI, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline (UK), and Bayer, Aventis (the dominant, German partner being the former Hoechst), BASF (Germany --- these three used to be called "I.G. Farben", which built and operated the slave labour-extermination camp at Auschwitz). The poisoning of the international food supply via genetic engineering, pesticides and irradiation are this Cartel's doing.

(3) Banking cartel (including prominently CityBank and Chase Manhattan (Rockefeller), Barclays (UK), and Deutschebank (Germany). Promoting the policies of the other, closely integrated corporate syndicates is this Cartel's doing (especially through its domination of the IMF, World Bank, WTO organisations).

Politicians -- People like George Bush and Tony Blair, Chirac of France, and whoever heads the government in Germany at the moment, are political henchmen of the real bosses, promoted &paid to execute corporate policy and deal with the natives if they get restless. If these Politicos were to go against crucial Corporate policies, they would be harried, stymied, and replaced.

The Basic Question again: How do we overcome the Corporation-Government-corporate Mass Media axis?

General Answer: By devising our own Alternative Information & Political System.

Specific Answer: by conducting Grassroots Public Information Campaigns on major issues to educate and politically activate the General Public, university/ college students in particular.

Stop forever talking to "the Converted", and instead get the Converted to educate & politically activate the so-called Silent Majority (on major issues). Without them, we are lost. With them, the Corporation-Government-corporate Mass Media is lost.

Which do you prefer?

Note: This is essentially educational work (on important issues of your choice), to be done by all of us, in SPARETIME (perhaps 3 or 4 hours a week), but regularly, as part of an ethical life-style.

Note: Avoid like the plague established organisations, especially NGOs. They are not what they seem, and are generally corporate allies who pretend to be the opposite. Never ever join or give them money.

Do your educational work alone, or in small groups of people you know.

[Just pass on essential information on a major issue that interests you to some other people; do it regularly as part of an ethical life-style, That's all. Yet note that a few people are capable of informing an entire university or community if they try.]

This Corporation-Government-corporate Mass Media Axis is creating the New World Order, an international Fascist order.

[The term was evidently coined by, appropriately, Nelson Rockefeller, the 20th century's leading political member of by far the most powerful group of interests in this world. Also appropriately, the term was likely adapted from Adolf Hitler's New Order.]

World War III, it really MUST be understood, is very definitely underway, and only one side clearly knows it. The War pits Giant Corporations Against People and Morality, and the Corporations are winning this War that will end all wars, and Freedom and Nature on planet earth to boot.

Enlist on the side of People and Morality. Educate and politically activate the General Public, university/ college students in particular, on major issues.

We can still win this war. But we've got to get going by getting to that Silent Majority.

Miami Indy

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