Sunday, August 06, 2006

100,000 March Against US-Israeli Aggression, London, 5 August 2006

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Thousands protest in London against Israeli crimes in Lebanon; Britain, America and Israel are on one side and 160 countries are on the other side

Thousands of people took to the streets of London Saturday demanding an immediate ceasefire in the Middle East. The demonstration passed the US embassy and Downing Street and London's Metropolitan Police said 15,000 people were on the protest, while the organizers, the left-wing Stop the War Coalition, claimed a turn-out around 100,000-strong.

The demonstrators massed opposite the Houses of Parliament. Stop the War spokesman John Rees said: "It's about telling the British and US governments that we want an unconditional ceasefire. We're the people who have the power to stop the Israelis in Lebanon.

"Their silence is permitting mass murder in Lebanon by the Israeli forces. Look at the casualties: it's eight to one." Salma Yaqoob, chairwoman of Stop the War in Britain's second city of Birmingham, said: "We're here to protest because of Israel's attack in Lebanon and the fact that Britain, America and Israel are on one side and 160 countries are on the other side."

Among the placards were ones branding US President George W. Bush "World's number one terrorist" and others reading "Freedom for Palestine" and "Hands off Lebanon". Demonstrators booed and chanted "George Bush, terrorist" and "murderers" as the rally passed the heavily-guarded US embassy, and some waved the green and yellow banners of Hezbollah.

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