Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Earlier on this evening, I watched an atrocious programme on Islam, 'What Muslims Want', on Dispatches, C4 (UK) with that pompous idiot, John Snow. Frankly, even as a non-Muslim I found it not only offensive but full of perversions and assumed truths.

Stuff like this is sheer disinformation propaganda by the British Secret State, 'psy ops' as practised by the CIA. Yet this is the kind of poison that is being incessantly churned out by the Mainstream Media which, no doubt, is receiving directives from the secret state and MI5 so to do.

This made me think deeper on the question of public brain-washing through the media (particularly tv).

Although difficult to prove, I believe there is definitely a conspiracy between the State, MI5 and the Mainstream Media (MSM) to produce a never-ending stream of disinformation through, for example, TV programmes such as the C4 Snow Dispatches programme, in order to brainwash the public into believing State propaganda.

Tony Blair, with his CIA/MI5 background, is deeply involved in this.

MI5 is working hand-in-hand with the CIA as well as other sympathetic secret services (including Mossad) to create an enemy out of Islam by associating it with terror. The Neo-cons and Bush are the Executive who are instigating this war whilst creeps like Blair just follow their orders. Behind them are the shadowy figures sometimes referred to as 'the Illuminati'.

What makes me so sure about this is how Snow, for example, kept referring to Islamic terrorists "having caused" 7/7 (and by implication 911). Of course there is no proof of this and in both cases calls for proper investigations were denied.

But how easily this Big Lie has been accepted by a public that cannot see how it has been duped by nothing more than a lie repeated ad nauseum!

Snow also alleges Muslims do not believe in free speech because they reacted so violently to the Danish cartoons! What he studiously ignores is how the 'freedom of speech' is closely monitored and censored by the MSM to suit its purposes and not the public interest, that there is definitely a conspiracy here between the State and the MSM which simply cannot be discussed.

So what happened to 'Free Speech' in Britain 2006?

What does it take to awaken the great British public? Can't they see that Blair is dragging his country into WWIII in the Middle East? Or how much of a Police State he has single-handedly turned Britain into over nine years? How long are we going to allow ourselves to be herded like cattle into the concentration-camp of Blair's New World Order?

How is it possible, Britain, that this despicable quisling is allowed to remain in power?

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