Saturday, November 07, 2009

War and Lies - Governments Lie, We Die

A look at the lies and propaganda used to start and maintain wars. From WWI up to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, soldiers have been duped into believing they are fighting for a "good" cause. Yet, as the wars have all been based on lies, all soldiers who have died have died needlessly. And of the ones who return, many are seriously ill from exposure to chemical and biological hazards, on top of being injected with multiple experimental and dangerous vaccines - the military are used as guinea pigs then kicked to the kerb by their government who then lie and cover up the issue.

The cries to war by governments haven't always been unanimous. Many politicians have spoken out against it and been either ignored or ostracised. Ron Paul And Dennis Kucinich are two of these and are featured in this clip giving their stance against going to war.

War is only beneficial to those who create, steer and profit financially from the perpetual war machine - their hands are stained with the blood of millions. What, finally, is being attacked here is the Military-Industrial Complex. We need to pinpoint the Complex as being the criminal and mount an all-out attack on it and its supporters. It and its proponents have gotten away with mass murder for too long.

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