Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Make Wars History: A Civil Obedience Campaign

Make Wars History is an association of peace activists working to end war. Horrified at the casual way in which the US and UK Governments violated international law by waging war on Iraq and Afghanistan killing thousands of innocent people, peace activists set up an international civil obedience campaign to force Coalition Governments and leaders to obey the laws of war.

Politicians who start wars break the law and breach their oaths of office. To be effective the laws of war require politicians to obey them, police to enforce them, the public to uphold them and offenders to answer to them in court.

We will stop governments from waging war by ensuring that police arrest leaders who start wars, courts try politicians for complicity in war, taxpayers withhold taxes that pay for war, armed forces refuse to fight illegal war, businesses refuse to supply weapons of war, journalists tell the truth about war, the public learns the laws of war and Parliaments legislate to prohibit all war.

You can help by joining the world’s first civil obedience campaign pursuing the path of peace, justice and the rule of law.


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