Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Chimes of Freedom: Four Years On

Next week is the fourth anniversary of this blog which I started just after the 7/7 bombings in London. Like others I found it difficult to believe in the inconsistencies which amounted to the official conspiracy story that four home-grown, north country terrorists had built the bombs with chapatti flour and fertilizer and then blown themselves up on a London subway train and double-decker bus. It seemed very much to be London's 911 and no more credible than the events in New York and Madrid. All three had about them the ominous stench of state-sponsored terrorism.

By its nature this is a form of terrorism which governments cannot admit to. Indeed, everything is done by the government propaganda machines to ridicule any who dare to suggest the existence of state-sponsored terrorism. The public isn't meant to know anything about the psychopathic nature of state control. Historical phenomena like NATO's Operation Gladio which used terrorism as a method of destabilisation in friendly countries is simply not discussed by the mainstream media. Ask the MSM about the Bologna bombings and you'll be told anything but the truth. Yet Operation Gladio was real and accounted for the deaths of many innocents.

With events in New York, Bali, Madrid, London and Bombay and the consequent fabrication of a 'War on Terror' --a fabrication created by the gangsters in the Bush regime and supported wholeheartedly by its puppets like Blair and Aznar-- state-sponsored terrorism reached new levels of sophistication with a CIA-sponsored ghost army of international, Islamist terrorists in the ubiquitous Al Qaeda replacing the defunct Soviet Union as the West's new public enemy. In the name of Bush's phoney 'War on Terror' several million innocents --mainly Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan-- have died in what have been wars of terror instigated and fuelled by an Anglo-American imperialism. How clever has been the USUK propaganda machine to invert reality on its head and to persuade its public that the very opposite of the truth is to be believed! Lone voices such as that of the Australian, Dr Gideon Polya, who expose the murderous nature of Anglo-American imperialism are simply ignored. We, after all, are the good guys. And good guys don't commit war crimes.

But according to Dr Polya, the USUK and its allies have been responsible for the deaths of over 8 million Iraqis and Afghanis since Gulf War I. Eight million. That's worse than anything the Nazis accomplished in their concentration camps. The Nazis were tried as war criminals. Not so the Bushes, the Blairs, the Browns and the Aznars. It seems that you have to be on the losing side to be a war criminal. In the real world it turns out that the rule of law is extremely selective: more the rule of the rulers to be used as a legal weapon with which to bludgeon the ruled.

More and more it is the blogosphere that is achieving a reputation for exposing government and for telling the truth like it is. Many of us had hoped that once Bush and Blair had gone that the truth about their criminal nature would catch up with them. That hasn't quite happened yet. They seem to have done a deal with their successors to leave matters lie and "to go forward" as the fake Obama puts it. Their world, it seems, can't deal with too much of the truth. It is now in danger of collapsing. Which only goes to show how fragile are the shifting sands of the falsities upon which it has all been built.

I await this blog's fifth anniversary next year to see how far the sands will have shifted.

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