Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blood Sacrifices

All the churning-out of war propaganda by the BBC and the British MSM surrounding the illegal war by USUK imperialists in Afghanistan provokes a few comments: the BBC never fails to parrot the justification that our military presence is 'to keep terrorism off our streets'. This is the lie that was first thrust down our throats by war-criminal Tony Blair on the express orders of his boss, George W. Bush, in Washington, DC. If Blair was so confident of the veracity of this position why did he deny us an enquiry into the 7/7 bombings?

We are being constantly told that our so-called democracies are a force for the good. But despite all the propaganda, recent opinion polls show that 68% in Britain and 70% in Germany would like our troops to be pulled-out.

The BBC lauds 'our heroes' fighting the terrorists. Yet these 'heroes' fighting a so-called War on Terror turn out to be anything but heroes. On one hand they are responsible for the killings of countless numbers of innocent Afghanis, and on the other they are the sad victims of the traitors who rule over us who are willing to spill the blood of Britons so cheaply in an imperialist venture launched by the USA in the interests of multinational capitalism.

The occupation of Afghanistan is about the securing of oil and gas supplies in the interests of the US and the multinationals. The 'War on Terror' was fabricated to justify the military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan to secure those ends. Far from being a war on terror what we have seen are wars of terror perpetrated on the innocent by the USUK's high-tech military. For every USUK soldier killed hundreds of thousands of innocents have died ... over 8 million in Iraq and Afghanistan since Gulf War I. This is what the BBC will not tell you.

If the welfare of 'our heroes' is such a cause of concern, instead of shedding crocodile tears when they die it would have been better to have saved them from ever having to be sacrificed in the interest of the imperialists. Instead the BBC keeps hyping-up the rulers' jingoism and militarism. More blood sacrifices are called for. More Operation Gladio-type threats of further 911s and 7/7s to come are used to bully us into submission.

If a War on Terror were ever to be truly carried out, it wouldn't be against innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan: it would be against the war criminals and gangsters-in-charge (gics) who rule over us, keep us tranced out with fear demanding ever greater blood sacrifices.

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