Thursday, April 10, 2008

Give England back its Independence!

Treaty of Union between England and Scotland

Amongst all the talk about independence, sovereignty, the truth and a "socialist police state" takeover of Britain by the EU, one thing is always conveniently forgotten. The so-called United Kingdom is already way down on the skids and soon it will cease to be. The days of the Union are almost over and outside some form of military intervention from London the people of Scotland will have their referendum.

Between now and then we can expect more anti-Independence campaigns generated by the south and their local poetasters. And we shouldn't even be surprised to see the intervention of the department of dirty tricks come up with something nasty from their home on the Thames Embankment.

After all, we've seen what they did to Ireland.

Britain's feudally-minded rulers won't give up their rotten old Union easily. They know that it means an end to their dirty class-based game and their vile 'special relationship' with Washington DC. For even were that relationship to morph into something else where Scotland is treated as an equal partner then things could never be the same again.

The hypocrisy of our anti-EUers, UKIP, Brian Gerrish and his British Free Press, the Freedom Association, Gerrish's sister-organisation, and the rest of the rag-tag of McCarthyite right-wingers has been exposed. While they decry the threat to their precious "sovereignty" (what sovereignty and whose?) from a Federal Europe they treat with scorn and hostility the desire of an increasing number of Scots for an end to the Union.

Articles of Union

So we have two laws: one for the English "freedom fighters" who are valiantly defending our shores in another Battle of Britain no less and entirely another for those ungrateful Scots who bite the hand that feeds them (sic) and who are determined to throw a spanner in the works of their grand plan for the New Jerusalem in a renascent Britannia!

Of course, it' all nonsense. How can independence for the English once free from Brussels be good when independence for a Scotland once free from the Union be bad?
Seems to me the English national-chauvinists want it both ways.

My suggestion to the UKIPpers, the anti-EUers and followers of the Gerrish guru is this: let England have its independence from the EU as well as the Union, let the English pull out of both and see how they manage. Scotland was always a different country so concede to us back our nationhood and let us choose if we wish to continue within a community of nations in the European Union --and, should our people wish it, federal statehood in a future Confederation.

As for our friends in the south, do as you see fit while allowing us the freedom to do the same. While we respect your right to be independent of all others please be so civil as to afford us those same conditions.

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