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The 911 Truth Movement: What really is
our Common Purpose?

It may shock certain good folk to wake up to the fact that due to the evolution of capitalism and its take-over by corporate and multi-national interests we are already living in fascist, police-states. The persistent belief that we live in a democracy results from the incessant brain-washing to which the British state and its mass media subjects us.

It could be argued that in years gone by we enjoyed a limited degree of democracy in that people were free to say what they wanted and to demonstrate. But even in those days Communists were surveilled by the State's secret services and were not so free as non-Communists. Demonstrations were spied on but generally allowed.

Now all that is rapidly changing. Demonstrations are tightly controlled by the Police and often prevented. Increasingly the Police are intervening in areas where they have no business to be and instead of serving the public as a civil arm of the State --as they are mandated to do-- they are beginning to act like para-militaries. The responsibility for this frightening state of affairs must ultimately lie with Whitehall, the Westminster parliament and our oligarchic rulers (you can't call them a government) who have given the green light to a fully-blown Police-State.

This is fascism.

Fascism is basically about the marriage of big business with the state, Mussolini-style. It's not about Hitler uniforms and goose-stepping soldiers in coal-scuttle helmets (the latter which the USA has adopted curiously enough!). In the early days, Mussolini and even Hitler wore morning suits. It was only after the outbreak of WWII that they regularly wore uniform (and even Churchill began to wear his boiler-suits).

There is at present a lot of controversy about an organisation calling itself Common Purpose.

Disturbingly, Common Purpose appears to be adopting similar fascist attitudes. The fact that it does this by infiltrating various levels of society is extremely disturbing. Its whistle-blower, Brian Gerrish, himself expresses certain crypto-fascist views when he gets paranoid about what he calls Reds and while attempting to present Common Purpose as a front-organisation for the European Commission!

When Gerrish can produce a credible argument with credible proof linking CP with the Commission I'll take him seriously.

Meantime, there is a very interesting convergence of opinion amongst us all in 911 Truth which I feel is vitally important to look at. We know that we are all united on the 911 Conspiracy issue (together with similar conspiracies relating to Madrid, Bali, 7/7 and Bombay). We may disagree on the EU issue but of more immediate concern is the commonly perceived threat of a growing police-state in Britain.

In that regard, I think we can all unite in supporting the legal action taken by John Harris.* Can I suggest that, while leaving out the EU red-herring, we all seek to found our own Common Purpose behind this affidavit and help to start a movement of Peace, Justice and Democracy to oppose the British police-state?


In the 'seventies when Lech Walensa and the Polish unions helped create Solidarnosc (Solidarity) to initially protect Union rights against the State it led to the mushrooming of people's Defence Groups across Poland whose purpose it was to defend the rights of the people against a centralised State apparatus.

We, in Britain, are now in a similar situation. It follows that we should now create people's Defence Groups across Britain to defend ourselves from our rulers and their Police State.


Having read John Harris' website in more detail, it appears that this Affidavit refers to the EU Lisbon Treaty, although no mention of such is included in the body of the Affidavit.

If it is the case that the Affidavit is meant as an attack on the EU then that makes it part of a campaign that is not so much against the Treaty but the EU itself. That gives it a divisive nature making it impossible for a considerable section of the population to support.

Certainly in my country, Scotland, a party like UKIP will never achieve much support if for no other reason that it supports a Union whose popularity, north of the border is decreasing inexorably. The latest headlines in the Scottish Daily Mail today indicate a further lead for the SNP.

Reading his articles it appears that Harris is no friend of Scottish independence. That being the case I must sadly retract my support for Mr Harris and his Affidavit.

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