Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vote Nader, get another Republican President

Nader defends GOP cash --Candidate says he's keeping money 10 Jul 2004 Democratic National Committee Chair Terry McAuliffe and former presidential candidate Howard Dean called for Ralph Nader to return donations from key Republican boosters -- but the independent presidential candidate GOP troll insisted Friday he would not give in to what he called a Democratic "smear'' effort.

Nader, in what has become a public disagreement with his vice presidential candidate, Peter Camejo, strongly denied the recent windfall of donations from deep-pocketed Republicans was part of a GOP effort to wound Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts. "These men are traditional Republican donors who want to see Bush kept in office," McAuliffe said in an interview Friday with The Chronicle. The Chronicle analysis also
showed that $23,000 of about $275,000 Nader had raised in $1,000 checks or more had come from Republicans who also contributed to the Bush-Cheney re-[s]election effort or other Republican Party committees.

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