Friday, February 29, 2008

Ben Griffin: Former SAS, Banned speech to Anti-War Rally


Former SAS soldier, Ben Griffin, gave this whistle-blower's speech at at an anti-war rally yesterday, just hours before the lying UK Govt brought a high court injunction to gag him from making any further revelations of its complicity in US torture war crimes.

With its roots in class elitism, British governments are the most secretive in the world. The reason is simple: it's because British governments are among the most incompetent in the world and don't like to admit it. Their slavish adherence to US foreign policy is hidden behind a pretence of independence.

As a result of which both the Queen and the UK Government became war criminals by supporting the Bush junta's aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. But it didn't stop there. UK ministers continued to support unquestioningly every criminal action perpetrated by the US in those countries.

Now that someone has had the courage to blow the whistle UK ministers are sent scurrying into cover and the law is misused to conceal their traitorous lies, incompetence and criminality. Despite anything they will now say the truth is out:

The British government is a collective war criminal which is complicit in torture and genocide.

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