Saturday, December 22, 2007

Police State Britain = Cocked-up Conspiracies

So the terrorist killers of Jean-Charles de Menezes are allowed to get away with it and their fascist boss, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, is untouched as well. While, over the the Irish Sea, the chief accused of the Omagh bombings is freed due to the sudden discovery that he had been convicted on dodgy evidence.

We are told, also, that at the time the Omagh Police helpfully steered the crowds directly into the area of the exploding bomb!

And in Scotland Muslims of colour are banged-up for thought-crimes while their lawyers are terrorised by reactionary judges serving a political agenda.

Cock-up or conspiracy? You decide. But taken against the history of the British secret services who have killed their own people over and over again in cold blood, it shouldn't take much to figure out what goes on and is then covered-up in Police State Britain.

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