Monday, December 03, 2007

The British Police State Marches On

Since the highly dubious circumstances surrounding the Glasgow Airport incident some months ago, the jailing for eight years of Mohammed Siddique for nothing more than a thought-crime, the persecution of his lawyer, Aamer Anwar, by a politically-biased judge, Colin Sutherland, and the threatening tones being made by the Scots Police of the danger of a dirty-bomb attack it seems that the Brown junta (c'mon, it's not a government, it's a four-man junta) has given special instructions to the Scots Plods to come down heavy on Muslims and pro-Muslims alike.

Why else would a perfectly innocent campaigner against Islamophobia be treated so aggressively for doing nothing more than leafleting in a lobby? Michael in Dundee (see Press Release below) was not only violently assaulted by the Police, he was thrown to the ground and cuffed painfully before being banged-up in a filthy cell before being charged. The only thing they didn't do was to taser him! That's coming, no doubt.

It seems that the Scottish Police, having nothing better to do than persecute innocent citizens, have been watching too many videos of police violence in the US such as the one below. Besides which, it is highly likely that these new tactics of violent arrest for nothing more than leafleting are being deliberately used by the Police in order to test the legal waters to see if the Scottish judiciary is still brave enough (after the Anwar incident) to defend the civil rights of our people.

Are these plods sniffing confiscated coke which is making them so violent? Or are they natural-born, authoritarian bullies? Or both?

Whatever the case, the Police in both Scotland and south of the Border are now becoming too big for their size-ten boots. It is high time that they should be knocked down to size for it is their job to protect the citizenry, not to attack them.

Ever since 911, this blogger has been warning his readers that the fake 'War on Terror' was merely a justification for taking away whatever freedoms we had and to turn our countries into police states. And that the Muslims were, like the Jews in Nazi Germany, the canary-in-the-cage. First it would be the Muslims, then it would be all dissenters.

That time has come.

The reputation of the Police is now at an all-time low. Far from trusting them to tell you the time or to help old ladies across the road, the Police are now feared by the average citizen. A fear that is deliberately promoted by a Police force whose supposedly blue uniforms get darker as their peaks become more reminiscent of the Gestapo.

Britain is now very close to being a Police State. It is already very late in the day to stop what seems like a horrific inevitability. But of course, it's never too late, for even Police States cannot last forever. However, if they are not prevented, contained and reversed by the few powers that the people still have then it will no longer be possible to change things through the electoral process.

And when the electoral process can no longer provide a means for change only one other means remains available. And that is Revolution. I put it to my readers, which option do you prefer? Ignoring both, by the way, is no option at all.

For as long as human beings, not cyborgs, walk the face of this Earth they will treasure their freedoms which, when taken away from them, they will fight to retrieve in one form or another. Where political reform does not come only revolution will. Our politicians know that only too well. And yet they cynically refuse us political reform and bully us into accepting a rapidly-deteriorating status quo, hoping perhaps that it's a problem they can simply ignore and leave for another day, another government.

Meantime, the Police State marches on. Is that what our rogue politicians think will save them when the crunch comes? No prizes for sending me the right answer to that question.

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