Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Dog has been Abducted

My beloved long-haired German Shepherd, Frodo, has been abducted by a man who is using the shield of a small Scottish charity to justify this crime.

Left with no choice, I have been forced to take legal action in the hope of retrieving Frodo. But the wheels of the law grind slowly and it is nearly five months since Frodo was stolen from me.

The Police have been absolutely useless. They are indifferent to the affair. "It's an ownership dispute. Go and find yourself a solicitor," they say. Yet it is not an ownership issue. There is no question that I am Frodo's owner and I have the paper-work to prove it.

I believe the indifference of the Police is more likely to be because they were complicit in the events which finally led to Frodo's abduction. Now they're trying to cover-up for themselves. After making a lot of fuss, I managed to persuade the Police to make an investigation into the affair. Now they're dragging their feet, and with good reason. On 1 April the regional Scottish police forces will all disappear when they are reorganized into one, large unitary force. What happens to complaints like mine after that is anyone's guess!

For legal reasons, I cannot go into too much detail here about the manner in which Frodo was abducted. But a supporter of mine has published a slightly-fictionalized account in the first-person here, so I recommend you all read it.

I am an OAP with next to no savings. But I am determined to fight this case through all the courts and, if necessary, take it to the European Court of Human Rights. I need others to help me set up a Defence Fund. If you believe you can help, please contact me at

Thank you everyone.

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