Monday, March 01, 2010

Yemen: USA Are Fighting Against Democracy, Not Against Al-Qaeda

A pair of trousers catches fire in an aeroplane close to Detroit and missiles rain down on Yemen. Is this is what is called the butterfly effect? For Mohammed Hassan, the terrorist threat is only an excuse. Mohamed Hassan explains what is really at stake in Yemen: i.e. undermining democracy in the Gulf in order to keep control over its oil.

Since the failed attack on the Amsterdam-Detroit flight, Yemen has hit the headlines. It's there that the young Nigerian terrorist is supposed to have trained. How could this country, an ally of the US, become of refuge for al-Qaeda?


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  1. Anonymous10:54 am

    First, the U.S. is not a democracy; it's a republic, so why expect it to fight for democracy.

    Britain isn't a democracy; it's a "constitutional monarchy", which, I think, is some kind of fancy name for a dictatorship, so why expect any democracy there?

    So, we are never going to see either Britain, or Amerikkka, fighting for democracy, and anybody who thinks they are is not thinking straight.

    And Amerikkka has been shafting its "friends" and "allies" since Jamestown; what's new about that?