Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Cameron Government would be led by Hawks

The Iraq war is widely discredited. George W Bush and Tony Blair are both out of office. Barack Obama has talked of a "new beginning" in his country's relationship with the Islamic world. Surely it's game over for the neocons, the small group of hardline hawks commonly held responsible for the US-led attack on Iraq in 2003?

Don't bet on it. If, as bookmakers believe, an overall majority for the Conservatives in the next election is a racing certainty, then the proponents of 'Shock and Awe' will once again be back in the corridors of power in Britain.



  1. It's a fair point, Rory but it also applies to the fantasy scenario of Nulabour getting back in. You couldn't get an American Express Card between the neocolonialists.

  2. A Cameron government will likely leave the Nulabor warmongers in the shade. Already, as this article warns, the Neocons have a direct input into the Tory party through the Henry Jackson Society. And, up until now, ultra-Zionists like Gove have been able to present themselves as 'compassionate' Tories.

    As usual, it is left up to the blogosphere for publishing the warnings. Hence articles like these.

    I think the ideal outcome of the next election would be a hung parliament with the Libdems playing an influential, policy-making role. Meantime people should be under no illusion of what a runaway Tory victory will bring about.