Friday, October 03, 2008

Americans, no-one should trust the BBC

Whether it be to report on US Foreign Policy, USUK military imperialism in Iraq or Afghanistan or the Bush regime's systematic attacks on the US Constitution and its people's liberties the Little-Sir-Echo BBC remains a faithful and unquestioning conduit of the Empire.

The manner in which it has reported and promoted the Bush line on the US Treasury $700 billion Bailout Plan shows how utterly committed the BBC is to play the role of an international propagandist for the lame-duck Bush regime. Yet ironically US viewers still turn to the BBC in the hope of a more balanced reportage than they could hope to hear from the likes of Faux News and the Murdoch mediocracy. Post Intelligencer

US viewers should turn to websites like Medialens to understand just how dangerously mistaken it is to put any trust in the BBC. Since the illegal invasion of Iraq, the BBC has been enthusiastically complicit in all the war crimes and crimes against their people's committed by both the US and the UK. The BBC is no different to the rest in its disseminating the USUK's imperialist propaganda. With nearly 90 years of experience, it is simply far more sophisticated in its methods of sowing lies and disinformation.

The only free source of news reportage is to be found on the Internet and even that is under constant threat. The following video from YouTube shows that whereas this report was good enough for C-Span to cover it was studiously ignored by the BBC. No prizes for guessing why!

Rep. Brad Sherman Martial Law

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