Friday, June 27, 2008

George Galloway exposes Police Agent Provocateur

Anti-war MP George Galloway has accused London Metropolitan Police of engaging in "a deliberate conspiracy to bring about scenes of violent disorder" during President George W. Bush's visit to the UK last week.

In addition to this information, other demonstrators have described similar incidents with strange looking protesters.

It has been common practice at previous demonstrations for authorities to employ police or special forces to intentionally infiltrate peaceful protests and cause violence.

Galloway has just sent the following letter to the Home Secretary, concerning the actions of a police agent provocateur, who has been identified as Inspector Chris Dreyfus, at the recent anti-Bush demonstration:

"I can now confirm that this man was Chris Dreyfus, an inspector in the police.

Inspector Chris Dreyfus

This man, to my direct knowledge, committed four criminal offences during the 30 minutes or so he stood next to me.

First, he repeatedly chanted the arcane, antiquated Americana, “Kill the pigs!” This is a clear incitement to violence, indeed murder. If a Muslim demonstrator had been chanting it, say, outside the Danish Embassy, he would likely now be in prison.

Secondly, he repeatedly (crushing me in the process) attempted to charge the crush barriers and the police line behind them.

Thirdly, he repeatedly exhorted others so to do.

Fourthly, he instructed a young demonstrator on the correct way to uncouple a crush barrier, which was successfully achieved and was subsequently thrown at the police, and was presumably one of the justifications for the deployment of a riot squad which eventually waded in to the protesters.

Home Secretary, there can hardly a more grave indictment of the conduct of the police force in a democratic country than this. People in the labour movement have often mythologised the state’s use of agents provocateurs throughout my 40 years experience and no doubt long before. But, to my recollection, we have never caught one red-handed before."

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