Sunday, December 10, 2006



If Blair had dared to say anything like that towards British Jews he'd be out of a job by now. But picking on Muslims is ok because they're mostly darkies, hence inferior to whites (naturally). And isn't there just the slightest note of irony in Blair's way of expressing tolerance?

I liked the idea of the baseball bat & could see myself mashing his head into a pulp. For someone who wouldn't dream of killing another human, why is it I get so much pleasure at Blair suffering a horribly, long-drawn out death (with say 25 years' of unremitting pain and suffering before the inevitable visit by the Grim Reaper?)

Why is it that I feel so much scorn and hate for this miserable creature? And I doubt that I am the only one, by several millions, who feels this particular seething rage. I know he's just the figurehead hiding an evil system, that he represents many more of his cowardly ilk. But, as a figurehead, I would like to see him really suffer for what he and his thieves have done not just to this country but to the world.

I would like to see him made an example of so that all the rest can thank good fortune that they should never meet the same fate ... yet have to sleep uneasy every night forevermore that the Reaper's midnight knock might visit them too.

And after a particularly humiliating public trial & gruesome, slow execution I would have Blair replace Guy Fawkes on Bonfire Night so the memory of his treachery can be remembered for centuries to come.

Ok, I wish I could have done better than this just to give us all a moment's vicarious satisfaction. But it'll have to do as a small ritual expression on behalf of all those who feel as I do.

As a nation so abused by Blair, however, I believe that we should confront ourselves with the hate he has engendered in us and find ways of expressing it. If ever a man has sinned on humanity here is one. He should not be allowed to walk free, natural justice -if no other- must catch up with him soon.

If that were to be a curse, then I cast it on him. Sobeit!

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