Monday, June 26, 2006

The parallels between the rapid deterioration into totalitarianism in the US and the UK are too frightening to ignore. Yet this is precisely what the mainstream media (MSM) in both countries do in order to ensure that their public are kept ignorant of the dangers that now scream out for attention.

Only the parallel reality of the Net keeps the thinking mind aware of what's going on. If that is taken away from us we shall have to master the arts of telepathy.

The gateway into the current Matrix World was, there can be no doubt, the premeditated events of 911 after which it didn't take very long for the likes of Blair to announce, pompously, to the world that "the world would never be the same again." The MSM, on cue, picked this up immediately and made it into its mantra. With horrific symbolism the twin towers of the World Trade Center became the entrance into a nightmare world of endless war through which public opinion was dragged stunned like frightened cattle to the slaughter.

First described as a "War on Terrorism" and now "the Long War", the politics of Fear was first introduced by the Straussian Neocons to the US and then, almost immediately, to the UK where the authoritarian and arch-neocon, Blair, was ready to embrace it and make it his own preferred mode of government.

With the mentality of a thieving magpie, Blair and his fellow quislings understood perfectly the machiavellian antecedents of the Washington neocons' Politics of Fear, found it to their personal liking and plotted 7/7.

And just to keep the witch's brew boiling in the pot, from time to time, further "terror" incidents like Forest Gate are conjured up to keep the public in place under the trance of intimidation and fear.

If anything, British politicians are experts in the subtle use of state-terror, not only having had several centuries to practise it in their Empire but, more recently, in Belfast, Ulster and the Irish Republic. In the same way that they used covert operations in those other parts of the British Isles, they now find themselves employing the same methods on the homeland. The propaganda that goes with the dirty tricks is clear enough: the public had better get used to this kind of thing happening over and over again. In other words, get used to living in the police state.

This is what Blair meant when he said that the world had changed. This is what he and the usurper in the White House were preparing us for. And this is what the mainstream media studiously avoid examining.

In the same way it accepted the "Communist, Red Menace" hook, line and sinker it accepted Islamophobia as a suitable replacement bogeyman. The ingrained racism born of several centuries of righteous 'Christian' crusades against dark hordes of whirling dervishes suited the West well and their own fundamentalists' Judeo-Christian expectations of a bloody Armageddon. Here was the perfect window-of-opportunity for the righteous to allow all their darkest bigotry to fly free from the constraints of their collective unconscious in the most murderous killing-spree of all.

Make no mistake: when Blair and his neocon chums chose the politics of fear as their modus operandi, they knew that part of the fundamental cynicism ruling such a choice meant the scape-goating of fellow-humans. It meant turning their countries into prison-camps fortressed off from the rest of the world where the giant of Islam lies sleeping fitfully above reservoirs of oil and gas to be wrested away through imperialist force and nuclear blackmail. They use the politics of fear as the only method of control left to them as social democracy is flushed into the sewers to be replaced with government by ministerial decree and a rump parliament.

The Government is using its fake War on Terror in order to intimidate and subjugate the public. As Thatcher used the police force to do the same thing by picking on the Caribbean community, Blair hopes he can keep us all under control by picking on innocent Muslims, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis. Keep provoking the dog with a stick until it retaliates. Then give it a taste of the full, violent force of the Law. They can't win, they won't win. And we shall have suceeded in showing the rest of the country how violent they are and why only further repressive legislative and policing methods must be introduced in order to keep law and order.

The whole country will have been turned into one vast, Belfast prison camp.


Mind-Forg'd Manacles in the War on Terror:

The Forest Gate Raid

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  1. Anonymous4:18 am

    Americans are wise to you.

    Dubya will have another two years.
    America has had worse, and survived

    But just how long has the ranting
    author been spealing his tired,
    old Socialist line.

    When the Grand Ayatollah gets hold
    of your beard,then places your head
    atop a pole, your followers will
    gaze in wonder.

    Your type will be a special prize
    to display to his Shaheed.

    Lenin and Joe Stalin are dead.
    Hadn't you heard, old boy?